Devon Allen looks to return to U-M

One of the few 2013 recruits left on the board for the Michigan Wolverines is Arizona wide receiver Devon Allen. GBW caught up with Allen's father to talk about their recent experience at the BHBBQ, impressions of the coaching staff, and whether or not this speeds up the timeline for a decision.

For 2013 Arizona wide receiver Devon Allen and his father, the summer has been suitcase-filled. Having already taken visits to Ohio State and Notre Dame as part of a Midwest swing, the Allen's came even further north to Michigan for the Big House barbecue and an unofficial visit with the Wolverines.

"We were greeted by Coach Ferrigno, Devon's recruiter Allen's father told GoBlueWolverine, "and we ended up meeting with Brady Hoke at the door of the stadium, signed in, and then went on the tour of the facility and campus."

"This isn't the first time I've been to Ann Arbor but it's the first time I've been to the Big House," he continued. "We got the opportunity to walk around the turf and go to the locker room and look at the facility. It was very impressive. It's a lot different than what I pictured in my mind."

As important as it is for Michigan, as well as schools in general, to impress parents throughout the recruiting process, the ultimate decision comes down to the young man himself. According to dad, his son definitely felt the love from the coaching staff right from the get-go.

"He seemed like he was, like myself, impressed—and it doesn't hurt that the second person you see is the head coach of the team," Mr. Allen said. "He greeted us and talked to us for a while talking about the school, not just the history of Michigan football but about the academics at the University."

"I'm an engineer by profession, so one of the things that I had told Devon in preparation for our visit is the fact that the University of Michigan has one of the best engineering programs in the country," he continued. "That's what he's looking at taking as his major. So obviously the academic aspect of it was important, and coach seemed to already have that information in his hands; so he talked to us a little bit about that."

With academics looming large in the ultimate decision for Allen, the personality that Brady Hoke exuded with the Allens on the visit came off very natural.

"He seems to be a very sincere individual and have a lot of energy," said Mr. Allen. "He talked very well about being at Michigan and this experience at Michigan, because he had worked there as an assistant before and came back from working somewhere else. He just seems like a very sincere individual, and that goes a long way with a parent, the fact that he seemed to be very sincere. It didn't seem like he was trying too hard. Sometimes people try so hard for you to like them that they don't come across that way, but he seemed to come across very sincere. Sometime during the day he made it a point to stop and interact, and he introduced me to some of the alumni."

Coaches and alumni weren't the only people that made an impression on the Allens at the BBQ. A class of 2013 Michigan commitment, from Ohio State's backyard, also took advantage of the opportunity to profess his love for the Wolverines.

"We actually talked to kid from Pickerington, Ohio, which is a suburb of Columbus," said Allen's father, who played baseball at OSU. "We talked to him and his dad and why he decided to come to Michigan instead of maybe going to Ohio State or the in-state schools. He just felt that it was a good fit for him, and they seemed to be really good people so it was a good experience."

While so many recruits have made up their mind and pledged to the Wolverines in the class of 2013, Allen is one of the few left in the uncommitted realm, still evaluating and looking for the right fit. Brady Hoke and the staff did their best to sell the speedy receiver on the offense, and they laid out the limited scholarship situation.

"He talked about wide receiver, and he gave me the impression that Devon would be a really good fit with what they were doing," said Mr. Allen. "They obviously have other young men that they're looking at too, and I understand that, but my philosophy is that we've done our due diligence by coming out to Michigan all the way from Phoenix to let these schools know that we're seriously interested in their offer, and if the offer is there when we're able to make a decision then it's the right situation."

"I felt that they understand that he has a value and that they're willing to wait a reasonable period of time," said Mr. Allen. "I mean, I'm not expecting a school with the reputation of a Michigan to wait until February 3rd for him to announce that he's going to go there. Our plan is that Devon's going to take a reasonable amount of time, we're going to take a few more visits, and then we'll probably start taking official visits in September and then go from there to determine what seems like the best fit for him."

With a decision still a ways away and official visits on the mind heading into fall, the Wolverines are hoping to be on Allen's list of trips to make over the next few months.

"We haven't really talked about it, but I'd say right now there's no reason why they wouldn't be," said Mr. Allen of an official visit to Michigan. "We talked yesterday about he and I sitting down to go over his high school schedule in relation to official visits. The only thing that effects or hurts his chances of doing officials back in the Midwest, regardless of which school it'd be, is the Saturday game times and the time difference. With the time difference here it makes it difficult for us to attend a game that has a noon start. There aren't a lot of redeye flights on Friday night, and most Friday nights (because of their own high school games) they don't leave school until ten or eleven o'clock at night."

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