More On Ciulla Picking Michigan

I called the Ciulla's Sunday afternoon to find out where new-commitment Jeremy is camping this week, since Sam Webb may be heading down to the Peach State. I didn't have good luck on that matter, but did have a nice little chat with Jeremy's father.

"Jeremy is with the rest of his offensive linemen at a camp in Eastern Tennessee for the next few days."

Congratulations to Jeremy on his commitment!

"We're very proud of Jeremy. It came down to a very good list of schools. It was an 'embarassment of riches' actually, the schools he was down to (Michigan, Stanford, Notre Dame, and Georgia). It got to be difficult. But Jeremy's a grounded guy -- all of this hasn't gone to his head."

Why do you think Jeremy picked Michigan?

"He and his mother went to Michigan (June 7-8). And he was very happy about Michigan when he got back. He really liked Coach Moeller and Coach Carr. He spoke with Coach Moeller a lot. That was important since it is Moeller as his position coach that he'll be interacting with the most."

"His mother wanted him to go to the school with best all around program. And she was very comfortable with Moeller and Carr."

"As for me ... Michigan is a very good school of course, one of the top three public schools in the country. I have to admit I was pulling somewhat for Stanford, just because of the academic reputation of the school. I went on Jeremy's West Coast trip with him. But having been born and raised in Georgia, Jeremy is calm and laid back ... that was a different environment out there (in California). Also football-wise Stanford is not of same caliber as Michigan."

"So Jeremy was more comfortable at Michigan. And actually, he liked the Medical School there the best too -- that's what he hopes to go into. Jeremy is definitely looking forward to Michigan. He'll have to adjust to a weather difference of course, but that is fine with him."

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