'15 PG Hyron Edwards talks Michigan visit

The Michigan basketball program hosted one of the top point guards in the 2015 class this past Saturday, East Chicago Central's (IN) Hyron Edwards. Edwards talks to GBW about bonding with Indiana natives Mitch McGary and Glenn Robinson III, his comfort level with the coaches, the Wolverines offense and the PDC.

The Michigan basketball program is off to quite the head start with class of 2015 recruiting, already hosting several talented young men on unofficial visits throughout the spring and summer. Saturday provided another opportunity for the Wolverines to showcase the program and all of its amenities as 2015 Indiana point guard Hyron Edwards made the trip to Ann Arbor.

"It was about one in the afternoon, probably, when I got there," Edwards told GoBlueWolverine. "We toured the school and went to the weight room to see Glenn Robinson. Saw my friend Glenn, and Mitch McGary, and talked to them a little bit. And then we went out to eat. After that we toured the campus and came back to talk a little bit about the offense and things like that."

Robinson III and McGary, who've been on Michigan's campus since June, are very familiar with Edwards and the ability he possesses, having crossed paths on the court in Indiana despite the three-year grade difference. For Edwards, seeing the two talented freshmen as college basketball players and retrieving strong advice from them gives him something to look forward to down the road.

"It was great, because I remember when I would see them on the high school level and playing against those guys, working out with them; so it was pretty good to see them improve their game," said Edwards. "They both got bigger and stronger since they've been in college at Michigan, so they've worked really hard."

"We talked to each other a lot," he continued. "They told me how college is, and that you've got to work hard, and that it's not like high school. Then they went out to eat with us too at the restaurant and we talked a little bit; and so it was just great getting some advice from good players."

While the Wolverines are hoping Edwards eventually joins the Maize and Blue, the possibility Robinson and McGary make an early jump to the NBA will always be out there if potential can translate into production early in their careers. Edwards indicated he'd relish the opportunity to play with both if the stars aligned.

"They said if I choose Michigan they'll probably be there," said Edwards. "It's not 100% chance they will be, we've got to see how they play this year of college basketball—but that they want to do that. It would be great to play with them though."

Although Edwards spent a significant amount of time catching up and bonding with Robinson and McGary, the visit Saturday was just as valuable in building a stronger and more comfortable relationship with the Michigan coaching staff.

"I think it helped a lot actually, because Coach Jordan and I were already pretty close with each other just from talking on the phone and things like that," said Edwards. "But then I actually got to sit down and talk to all of the coaches. It was pretty great, and I'm comfortable with them now so I like it."

Part of the conversation with the coaches centered around the point guard position and the role, similar to sophomore Trey Burke, Edwards might have on his shoulders in Ann Arbor.

"They told me I could be a great key to their offense because they don't wait around on offense," said Edwards," and that they have some great transition breaks because they trust you as a point guard to run the team and make the right decisions and passes. I want to win games and get easy buckets for my shooters and my teammates."

Having had the keys to the new William Davidson Player Development Center for almost a full calendar year now, the Wolverines show off the 21st century facility without hesitation. Edwards was particularly impressed with some of the technology he'd be able to utilize in order to gain a competitive advantage over his opponents.

"I think it's cool because you can scout your opponents on the iPad easily," Edwards said. "It's like a coach telling you all of the things that they do and you can just click on his name, click on the team name, or click on the players that you have to guard. You can see how they guard the pick and roll, or can they shoot the ball or drive better. I think its pretty cool having that iPad."

In addition to a brand new practice facility, Crisler Center is getting yet another facelift this off-season, including the installation of a brand new court.

"I was actually surprised about it, ‘cause I didn't know they were going to make a whole new floor," said Edwards. "They're making a new floor for this season so it'll be great to see them play on the new floor."

Edwards stays on the visit-trail, heading to Illinois with his father for an unofficial visit next week.

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