Bellomy Ready if Called Upon

Normally, if the third string quarterback has to enter the game, that means trouble, but that might not be the case with the Michigan Wolverines, as redshirt freshman Russell Bellomy is proving to be more than capable.

After a strong showing in the spring game, Russell Bellomy is sitting back and waiting for his opportunity. If nothing else, that performance should show Wolverine fans that if the third string guy had to come in, normally a disastrous occurrence, the Wolverines will be in good hands. With Denard Robinson and Devin Gardner in front of him, extended snaps aren't guaranteed, but the redshirt freshman is staying prepared and offensive coordinator Al Borges has a lot of confidence in him.

"Sure," said Borges when asked if he'd be comfortable putting Bellomy on the field. "I think he is [ready], yeah."

With Gardner working at wide receiver as well, additional snaps in practice are available to Bellomy, which should further aide his development.

"It's all one big process now," said Borges. "That's the way we worked it. That's how we did it and we know about it, that there's a domino effect that goes with Devin playing at wide receiver and one of those dominoes is making sure that you have another quarterback so we've had to focus on getting three of them ready. At one point we just focused on getting two of them ready but because of how it is now, you know."

What Bellomy showed in the spring was accuracy, smart decision making, and the ability to throw on the run. In high school, he also made a lot of plays with his feet, and he can still do that, even if he may not be as fleet footed as the guys in front of him.

"With Denard as our quarterback, you're going to have a dual threat system," Bellomy explains. "Obviously, I'm in the same system he is, so I'm still going to work into that and I like to think I'm a dual threat still. I put on same weight, but I'm down for whatever, and right now, it's a little more of a dual threat offense."

The redshirt year and experience in the spring helped, and Borges sees improvement in his young signal caller.

"Basic and overall understanding of the offense, and the components that go into playing the position of quarterback. Footwork issues, reads and quarterback is like any other position but really because there's so much data that goes into it and so much to know, for certain kids that can come at a slower pace. Russ is bright and he's kind of a tell him once guy where you tell him once and he'll fix a mistake and move to the next mistake. That's what we ask the players to do cause we don't want to re-coach you. We want to coach you and fix it and move onto the next and if there's another mistake let's make it a new mistake. With Russ, that's really it. I've cancelled that problem out, cancelled that problem out and he's in the process of cancelling out issues that go with the position and he's able to do it pretty fast."

With a former five-star recruit and a Heisman Trophy Candidate in front of him, it would be easy for Bellomy to wonder when his time will come and constantly be comparing himself to Robinson and Gardner, but his maturity has allowed him to be comfortable with where he stands.

"We're all different quarterbacks. We all have our own game. We all have our own strengths and we have our own weaknesses."

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