2nd Half U-M scores 17, AF 15. Drives, Stats.

Denard carries Michigan in the second half as well, but the defensive makes a big stop at the end. Drives, Stats.


Michigan #1

Dennis Norfleet took the kickoff to the U-M 42.

Denard took the first play 58 yards to the house at the 14:36 mark.

Michigan 21, Air Force 10.

Air Force #1

AF took the squib kickoff at the AF 12.

AF took the first play 12, a D-hold took it to the AF 36.

On 3rd and 2, AF ran it to the AF 47.

On 3rd and 3, AF ran it 11 to the U-M 35.

On the next play AF threw it 17 to the U-M 18.

On 2nd and 7, AF threw it to the U-M 6.

On 4th and goal from inside the 1, AF waltzed in at the 9:50 mark.

Michigan 21, Air Force 17.

Michigan #2

U-M took the out-of-bounds kickoff at the U-M 35.

On 2nd and 9, Denard ran it 10 to the U-M 46.

On 2nd and 5, Denard hit Jerald Robinson 10 to the AF 39.

On the next play, Denard hit Devin Funchess for 26 to the AF 13.

On 2nd and 4, Denard his Devin Gardner for the TD at the 6:18 mark.

Michigan 28, Air Force 17.

Air Force #2

AF took the kickoff to the AF 34.

On 2nd and 7, AF completed a pass to the U-M 30.

On 3rd and 1, AF ran to the U-M 19.

On 3rd and 6, AF ran it to the U-M 8.

On 4th and goal at the U-M 3, AF fakes the field goal and is stopped at the 1 at the 1:23 mark.

Michigan #3

U-M starts at their 1. U-M goes 3 and out at the :29 mark.

Air Force #3

The punt bounces to the U-M 39.

Third Quarter Stat Totals Michigan gained 377 yards, 179 passing and 198 running ... and has 28 points
AF gained 349 yards, 109 passing, 240 rushing ... and has 17 points.
Denard has gained 369 yards ... 15-190 rushing for 2 TDs, 12-18-179 passing, 2 TDs and an int

3rd Quarter Only Stats
Michigan gained 124 yards, 43 passing and 81 running (58 on a Denard TD run), and scored 2 TDs.
AF gained 143 yards, 58 passing, 85 rushing, and scored a TD.


(AF #3 cont) AF went for it on 4th and 5 ... and ran 6 to the U-M 28.

On 3rd and 7, AF threw it 11 to the U-M 14.

On 3rd and 4 at the U-M 8, AF ran it in at the 12:01 mark... and got the 2-point PAT

Michigan 28, Air Force 25.

Michigan #4

Norfleet took the kickoff to the U-M 34.

On 3rd and 4, Denard hit J-Jackson for 8 to the U-M 49.

On 3rd and 3, Denard ran it 12 to the AF 32.

On the next play Denard hit Devin for 20 to the AF 12.

The drive stalled at the AF 13, and Brendan Gibbons hit a 30 yard FG at the 8:00 mark.

Michigan 31, Air Force 25.

Air Force #4

AF took the kickoff to the AF 34.

On 1st down AF fumbled but recovered. On 3rd and 7, AF ran it 14 to the 50.

On 4th and 3, AF went for it and U-M stopped them at the 4:27 mark.

Michigan #5

U-M started at the U-M 43. U-M went 3 and out at the 2:53 mark.

Air Force #5

Hagerup punted it into the end zone; AF started at their 20.

A roughing the passer took it to the AF 42.

An illegal substitution moved it back 5; on 3rd and 15, Frank Clark made a -1 TFL; on 4th and 16, AF had the ball tipped by Jake Ryan at the 1:27 mark.

Michigan #6

Michigan ran out the clock.

Michigan gained 422 yards, 208 passing and 216 running.
AF gained 417 yards, 127 passing, 290 rushing.
Denard accounted for 426 yards ... 20-218-2 TDs rushing, 14-25-208 passing with 2 TDs and an int.

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