Postgame Full Transcript: The Devins

The most fun interview of the day -- the two receivers who had strong performances were up there together, Devin Gardner and Devin Funchess. *Full Transcript*

This question is for Devin -

FUNCHESS: Which Devin?

I know, that was a joke. For you, Devin Funchess, sort of take us through your day, four catches, and I mean, I know the research is there, but I'm sure no one's ever had their first four catches 20 yards or more.

FUNCHESS: Well, I just went out there, did my job like I was supposed to; like I was coached in practice to. I learned from Brandon Moore, Mike Kwiatkowski, how to get off certain coverages and things like that, so it helped me in the game today.

Again, for you Devin F, obviously no you never to see their teammates get injured, like Brandon Moore is now, but did you see that as an opportunity for yourself to make an impact?

FUNCHESS: Oh no, I don't take that injury as an opportunity. I was working hard in practice and it so happened that they needed me this week and I had to step in and make the job.

Devin Gardner, how do you feel like you progressed from week one to week two? It seemed like the routes were better, it seemed like catching was better.

GARDNER: You know, it's a totally different defense in the way they play. They play a lot of off coverage, it wasn't a lot of tight man, things like that, so I'm not sure how much better I did. I think I got better, and we'll just have to see as the year goes on.

Devin G, what is the biggest adjustment you have to make to wide receiver?

GARDNER: It has to be blocking, and being in the greatest shape of your life. I go to block the guys and a lot of the corners are smaller, so they like to run around and try to juke me and what not, and I'm not much of a tackler obviously, I don't play defense, but I'm doing my best. I feel like I'm getting better every week.

Other Devin, how do you feel like you're adjusting to the blocking and getting used to the physical play at this level?

FUNCHESS: Well, the game, I slipped up on some of the plays that I was in, blocking, and I just need to come back this week in practice and get better and better and improve for next week.

Same Devin, can you take us through your touchdown? Obviously, the ball was thrown up and you had to go up over the guy and get it, and what that feeling was like and I'm sure… 110,000 go crazy when you score?

FUNCHESS: Well, in practice, I learned from the older receivers and tight ends, like Devin over here told me to go get it at the highest point, and that's what I did, I had to go get it at its highest point.

Old Devin, did you feel like you caught that ball towards the end and when it got overturned, did you hold your breath a little bit as they got the ball back?

GARDNER: I mean, I definitely feel like I caught the ball. I watched the replay as well as everybody else and I feel that the ball didn't move and my elbows were underneath, but they overturned it and I had a lot of faith in our defense that they were going to stop them, so I didn't hold my breath at all, I was just ready for the game to be over with. I knew they were going to stop them.

Devin Gardner, what do you think of Devin Funchess? What did you see from him as a player, as a young player?

GARDNER: I think he kind of stole my name. People are always yelling out Devin and they aren't even talking to me, but I feel like he's doing really well. He's catching the ball, as you saw, and he can run with anybody, so I feel like he's doing well.

Denard looked pretty sharp today, had some nice touch passes, can you talk about his progression as a thrower, especially your last catch, he put a lot of nice touch on it.

FUNCHESS: Denard, well, he's a good quarterback. He has improved, and as you saw today, as he's putting touch on the balls, he's making it easier for us to get the opportunity to catch it, putting in areas where we can only get it and not the defender.

GARDNER: I feel like the misconception is that Denard can't throw the football, and he can. Every quarterback makes mistakes. They throw bad passes. The greatest quarterbacks do, so it's like you guys, everybody batters him about certain, little passes, and it's not that big of a deal. He's doing well and he's getting better every day.

Old Devin, do you think of yourself as a quarterback still, or are you now a wide receiver?

GARDNER: I definitely see myself as a quarterback, I just happen to be able to play wide receiver to help the team.

To Devin G: How did that happen by the way, how did you find yourself at wide receiver?

GARDNER: We saw we didn't have that much depth at wide receiver over the summer and it was kind of scary, honestly. It started off because in practice, receivers do a lot of running, you know, and you're not going to be able to get effective reps if everybody's really tired and gassed and I was giving everybody breaks and I was getting better and better as the weeks went on.

Devin Gardner, if you keep having this success at receiver though, is there a point where you could see yourself, this season, going that route, because, just the success is there, and that's a way to the league and the playing time is there?

GARDNER: I just feel like, every kid has a dream, so, my dream is to play quarterback at the University of Michigan, and to go to the next level to play quarterback, but if that opportunity presents itself, we have to cross that bridge when we get to it.

Devin Gardner again, after the Alabama game, Brady said he thought a lot of Denard's issues in the passing game, were maybe on the receivers, not running routes and making other mistakes, do you think you personally, and the receivers did a better job of that today?

GARDNER: I don't feel like he said it was on just the receivers, I feel like it's evenly distributed. The blame should be equally distributed and I feel like everybody did better today.

For Devin Gardner, how much does it change the offense to have an athletic tight end like Funchess? You guys haven't had that, they've been a little different in terms of style.

GARDNER: I love to see him catch passes, cause he's really a wide receiver, he just happens to be a little bigger than the rest of us, so I just love it and I can't wait to get a chance to throw it to him as well.

For #19 (Devin F), for the future, do you have a team nickname that somebody's given to you yet?

FUNCHESS: They call me D-Funch, or Funchess. It doesn't matter. When they say Devin, I look, and they're talking to him, so just call me D-Funch or Funchess.

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