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Alexander Kaun Update

I spoke with Florida Air Academy Coach Aubin Goporo recently to get the latest on his prize pupil, <b>Alexander "Sasha" Kaun</b>.

Alexander Kaun remains one of the top post targets on Coach Amaker's list. Recently sidelined with a stress fracture in his foot, "Sasha" has had a little more time to concentrate on his recruitment. Coach Goporo informed me that the Russian postman has trimmed his list of schools down to five lucky institutions. Did Michigan make the cut?

How has Sasha's foot being doing?

"It's been healing nicely. We have an appointment with a foot specialist on August 1st to confirm that everything is going fine. The main thing he has to do is stay off of it. He won't be playing anymore this summer."

Is it true that Sasha has trimmed his list?

"Yes. He cut out Georgetown and FSU. His top 5 are Michigan, Michigan State, Kansas, Florida, and Duke. I actually want him to trim it further. Five is too many schools to visit. I want him to cut it down to three when he feels comfortable."

What set those schools apart?

"He has the best relationships with the coaches at those schools and has talked to them quite a bit."

Do any of those schools stick out more than the others at this point

"I don't think so."

When do you think he'll trim it again?

"I want him to have it cut down fairly soon because I want him to take all of his visits before the season starts. It's too hard to fit in 5 schools. I told him that I would not allow any visits during the season. He understands that it will do it when the time is right for him."

Has Michigan been in contact recently?

"Yes. Coach Amaker was down to watch him not too long ago. Not too long after that (this past Monday), Sasha decided to cut his list down to 5. They've also talked to him on the phone. He really likes Coach Amaker. His relationship with the coach is going to be very important."

Does he have a timetable for his decision?

"Not really. The main thing is to get those three visits out of the way before the season starts. Then, he can sit down and take his time making his decision. But I'm really hoping he cuts his list down soon so he can get his visits set up."

We will be keeping close tabs on Kaun's recruitment to see if Michigan makes the next cut.

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