Jae'Sean Tate has two neck-n-neck

It's a classic Michigan-Ohio battle for the Pickerington Central forward who visited Michigan last weekend. He talks to GBW about it.

Sam Webb: Take me through your Michigan visit last weekend… how did everything go for you?

Jae'sean Tate: "I had a great time! I got to eat some great food… some good chicken. I talked to coach ‘B-A' (i.e. Bacari Alexander), but they're not giving out that recipe. (Laughter). Got to chill with Trey and the team, and I got to tour State Street, how it is on campus before and after the game, and got to see Denard run all over the place."

Sam Webb: Did you come in Friday night, or did you come in Saturday of the game?

Jae'Sean Tate: "I came Saturday."

Sam Webb: So when did you get a chance to hang out with the players?

Jae'Sean Tate: "Right before the game, at the tailgate."

Sam Webb: So was it you and your mom, or your dad this time?

Jae'Sean Tate: "My mom and my little brother.

Sam Webb: So what's mom's take on Michigan? What does she think of the whole environment and everything?

Jae'Sean Tate: "She likes it. She really likes Michigan"

Sam Webb: Did this visit reveal anything different?

Jae'Sean Tate: "No, not really. It was just more of me just coming down, getting to know them more as a family. Really when I went down there, it was no business, just all having fun."

Sam Webb: I know you know you already had that connection with Coach Alexander. Did you have a chance to get to know and talk to the other coaches?

Jae'Sean Tate: "Yeah, I hung out with all the coaches a lot. We got to a lot during the game. I mean, they just have a great coaching staff. I like a lot of the coaches on the coaching staff."

Sam Webb: So I hear they came down to your high school today (i.e. Wednesday)?

Jae'Sean Tate: "Yeah, it was Coach Beilein and Coach Alexander."

Sam Webb: What did your coach tell you they had to say?

Jae'Sean Tate: "Well, we had open gym, and they came in and Ohio State came in too…, so it was pretty interesting (laughter). (The Michigan coaches) are just telling me basically everything like they want me too – they love me, they're really interested in me playing there, they see big things for me… stuff like that."

Sam Webb: So, I know you have some relationships with some guys at Michigan. What about at Ohio State? Who are you tight with there?

Jae'Sean Tate: "Well, recruit Marc Loving, committed his freshman year and he's going there next year. He played on my AAU team, so I'm getting to know him a lot. And Jared (Sullinger). I see Jared a lot up there when I go up there. He's telling me how it is behind closed doors, because you know coaches are going to tell you what you want to hear. He tells me the truth, how it really is. And I live right down the street, so I know a lot of people that go there."

Sam Webb: Alright, so time for some tough questions. You visited Ohio State twice between your Michigan visits. You obviously just made it back up to Michigan. Have either of those schools started to pull ahead of the other yet?

Jae'Sean Tate: "The schools are neck in neck right now. I'm not making a decision. I'm just going along in this recruiting process."

Sam Webb: So what's next for you man? You have any other visits lined up to either of those schools, or to other schools?

Jae'Sean Tate: "I think I might be going to the Ohio State game this Saturday."

Sam Webb: Ok, but other than that you don't have anything planned for out into the future?

Jae'Sean Tate: "Maybe West Virginia."

Sam Webb: When you sit down with your mom and your dad, what are they saying as far as timeline? Do they want you to wait until the summer, or until like next year to make a decision?

Jae'Sean Tate: "They're saying whenever I feel like I'm ready. We're not trying to make these coaches any – like when I'm set on where I'm going, they want me to make that decision and not just keep playing games and wasting other people's time, you know what I mean? So they're behind me 100%, and when I'm ready, so yeah."

Sam Webb: And do you have an idea of what you need to see? What's going to be that thing that puts anyone over the hump?

Jae'Sean Tate: "I don't know. They're all doing a great job of recruiting me. This is a big, big decision, and I just want to make sure I make the right one."

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