Postgame Full Transcript: Denard, Smith

Full Transcript: Denard Robinson and VIncent Smith talk about the game and look ahead to Notre Dame.

Denard, what did you see on that pick six, that interception that they took back? What were you looking at?

Jeremy Jackson came open, I just threw it behind him and it was a bad throw. It was a good read, just a bad throw. I have to put my feet into it and follow through with the throw.

Denard, you had that touchdown run where you cut back across the field. I don't know if you noticed, but Joe Kerridge came through and made a big block on that. Can you talk about his contributions on the field?

I mean, you're on the football field, and everybody on the team has to be accountable, even from the scouts and everybody, so when Joey gets on the field, I know he's going to be accountable. I just know he's going to be accountable, and he just told me about it. He was like ‘man, I came in and chip him and he says his mouthpiece actually came out, so that was kind of funny.'

Denard, with Notre Dame now a week away, was this kind of the game you needed to have entering a rivalry game and entering the tougher part of your schedule?

Yeah, we needed to get a good win in and every day we need to come out and get better. We came out today and I feel we got better, but we still have some things to work on.

Denard, other than that interception, how do you feel like you played today?

I left a couple throws out on the field that I probably knew I should have made. I missed Gallon on one throw and I missed Devin on another one. Those are throws that I think I need to improve on and try not to leave them on the field.

Vince, where did you guys get better today? Where do you feel you took a step forward from a week ago or two weeks ago?

We took a step forward in just getting off the ball in our running game and getting a good push up front, but we still need work and we'll just continue to [strive] in all areas.

Denard, you passed Brady and Harbaugh today in passing yards, just, what do you think about that, when you think of those names and those records that you're approaching?

To be honest with you, really, the only thing I think about is winning and going out there and being accountable for my team. So when it comes to records, it's just going out there and playing football with the team.

Denard, Fitz and Vincent ran well today, did they give you that support that you needed?

Oh yeah, and they ran the ball well and they have to keep doing it. They have to get better and we have to keep doing it every time we get out on the football field.

Denard, how comfortable are you now with Elliott after a few games at center?

I've been comfortable with him since the first game, and we've been working all summer and all winter and all spring, so I feel real comfortable.

How important was it, obviously you guys have had a lot of injuries this season, how important was it to get out of this game, I don't think we saw anybody limp off, and be as healthy as you can going into next week?

It's always good to have healthy guys and always good to have the guys that we count it. If somebody does go do, somebody will be ready to play anyhow. We just have to stay healthy and every time we get a chance, improve.

Denard, it's been well documented that Roy Roundtree's numbers have been a little down this year, did it feel good to get him involved in the game today, couple catches, touchdown?

Oh yeah, once he gets open and I make the right reads and get him the ball, he's a phenomenal athlete and a receiver and I enjoy throwing the ball to him, so when he gets open and I throw the ball to him, I know he's going to make something happen.

Denard, it seems like you spread it around quite a bit. You hit, I think, nine difference receivers or something. Was that by design to get more people involved? The past couple games you've targeted Devin more than other guys.

I think, whoever comes open, that's who I throw the ball to. I go through the reads and go through the possession and just look at the defense to see what comes open.

Denard, can you talk about that fumble on the goal line and did Taylor have anything to say, was he pretty excited to get that touchdown there?

Actually, he was kind of mad because if I had kept going outside, he probably would have made that block on the guy that hit me, so he was like, man, you almost got me a minus for that play, so I have to make the right reads and I have to hold on to the ball. That's first thing's first. I always have to protect the ball and he just told me that, alright, we scored. That's the main thing.

Vincent, you said the running game was better. Why was it better this week than what we've seen so far?

We've been challenging ourself in practice, working hard every day and challenging everybody up front to just do better and we've been working and working and see it's finally picking up and it's paying off.

One quick follow up, Denard, when you were up 49-13, and you were still in the game, was that by your request or did Brady want to see something still out of the offense?

That was for the team. Everybody on the team, we knew we had to come out and play well and Massachusetts was a good team and we needed to play well and we got to try to get better every time we still on the field and that's what coach wanted to do and we did the same thing.

Denard, is there anything about Notre Dame that brings out the best in you? You've had some extraordinary performances against them. Is it just those gold helmets or anything?

To be honest with you, it's just, going out there and playing football. Whenever I get on the football field, I want to play my best and be accountable to my team and when I get the chance to run the ball or throw the ball, I want to do it to my best ability.

Denard, what did you think of the way Russell Bellomy played when he got in there?

He played calm. I enjoy watching him play calm, because he knew he had a little pressure around the edge, he kind of tried to step up in the pocket and you could tell that he had confidence and that he was comfortable in there. I think he's going to do pretty well.

Denard, are you going to watch Notre Dame and Michigan State tonight, and can you gain anything by watching a game like that on television?

Oh yeah, I mean, watching football in general, when you watch the game you don't look at it like a regular person no more. You look at it cause you watch and break down film all the time, so you watch the plays and you watch how they play the play and so tonight, when I watch the game, I'm going to look at it and see what we can do on ‘em.

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