Postgame Full Transcript: Omameh, Dileo

Postgame Full Transcript: Patrick Omameh jokes around with Drew Dileo, and the two answer questions on the game.

When a guy like Justice Hayes scores a touchdown, how much fun is that to see? Obviously, he puts in a lot of work.

OMAMEH: yeah, I mean, all the guys that come in every day to practice, they practice hard, waiting for the opportunity. When a guy like Justice gets in, and gets in the end zone, it's a good time for everybody.

What was his reaction?

OMAMEH: I mean, he was ecstatic. We were all happy for him to. It was something that we – as many dudes as we can get in the end zone, it's always something that we enjoy for everybody.

DILEO: Yeah, I don't think it's necessarily just Justice, it's really that whole second offense, you know? I was excited when I thought Russell scored before that, so it's really the entire offense.

Patrick, can you take me through Taylor? I mean, was that exciting for you guys, or was it kind of – because Denard fumbled it get there? What were your emotions like on the sideline?

OMAMEH:It was exciting, because any time you can get an offensive lineman to have a touchdown, it's an exciting moment. Luckily, it wasn't outright, he ran the ball into the end zone, because we might have celebrated a little bit, and that might have been excessive, but he fell on it, and he got the touchdown. I don't know, I think there was a little debate about who fell on it first, but that stats go to him, and we give him kudos.

DILEO: For the record, I'm pretty sure it was Elliot Mealer's touchdown, not Taylor's.

OMAMEH: I didn't say that.

Brady, after the game, was somewhat harsh on how you guys have been playing as an offensive line. Where do you feel like you guys have been struggling, and how do you go about approaching getting that better besides just your typical practice? Is there anything else you can do?

OMAMEH: I think really it's just something that every week we expect to get better. The more we play together, they better we're going to get as an offensive line, and we feel we performed better this week than last week. We're still not to the point that we need to be, but we're consistent in proving that we're going to get there.

Did you guys feel like you improved upfront this week?

OMAMEH: We do feel like that. We felt that we got better movement, we opened up some better holes, and we were able to move the ball better.

Was it enough? Did you improve enough, do you think?

OMAMEH: We improved enough to win this football game, and we have the opportunity to improve as the season goes on.

We mentioned that Brady wasn't exactly happy with your performance, but what does that say about him as a coach and you guys as an offense that you can put up almost 600 yards, and there still needs – there are still concerns out there?

OMAMEH: It just shows the level of expectation that he has for us, and we have for ourselves of what's expected of a Michigan offensive line, and Michigan offense, and it's something that we all understand and something we all have to strive to reach.

DILEO: To add on that, as a player, it's nice to have a coach that's not complacent, that wants to keep getting better every week.

Drew, on the breakaway there on the pass, did you think you were going to get in?

DILEO: I did.

OMAMEH: I did too.

DILEO: But I guess that's why they call me the white receiver.

OMAMEH: Nobody calls him that, nobody calls you that.

Patrick, Fitz found a lot more running room this week than last week. If he can get going to the point that he was last year, what will it do for the offense?

OMAMEH: The more threats we have as an offense, the more dangerous we can be, and everybody knows we have Denard Robinson, and he's a special kind of player. The more pressure we can take off him the better we'll be as an offense and as a team.

Next week you're on the road again against Notre Dame. Even though the road's been kind of iffy for Michigan the last few seasons, the team does seem to perform well in South Bend. Can you talk about going on the road and eager maybe to get a better feel for where this team is at after Notre Dame?

It's going to be a test, I mean, it always is, going into South Bend, and it's a game that we plan to be well prepared for. We're excited for it. You know, it's been an exciting game the last few years, and we plan to go into South Bend and show how much we improved over –

But is it important to go and have a good effort on the road maybe for this team's psyche? Because Brady wasn't exactly doing cartwheels coming up here and talking about this game, and you guys won by 50 points.

It's absolutely important that we get a win on the road. I mean, this year we have –we don't have any home games like we did last year. To be able to go on the road and show that we can be successful, and that's going to start next week.

Since Denard keeps breaking records, and you guys are a big part of that success, what does it mean for you guys to be a part of that? It seems like Coach Hoke preaches tradition and history, and you guys are eventually going to be a part of that history.

DILEO: I think it's pretty special, and I think Pat would say the same, especially since Pat's one of those guys in there helping him break those records, blocking guys. Our receiving corps is down there blocking and catching balls for Denard, and how every many years from now people are still talking about Denard Robinson, it's going to be pretty special to tell your kids and grandkids that you played with him.

Drew, coming into the season, there were so many questions about the wide receiving corp. Today, eight different people caught passes in the first half along. How important is it to see you guys get going like you did today?

DILEO: It's pretty nice. I think maybe y'all were the only ones to have questions before the season. We know the kind of guys that we have, and we know the quarterback that we have, and we'll make plays.

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