Michigan Drops in on Booker

Michigan was among the programs to check in with Moss Point, MS combo guard Devin Booker last week. The Wolverines are angling for another visit by c/o 2014 standout, but this time they want him to bring a special guest.

It has been a breakout year for Moss Point, MS star, Devin Booker.  Since make the move from Michigan down to the Magnolia State to live with and developed by his dad the versatile youngster went from virtual unknown to five-star prospect.  Now he is being courted by power programs from all over the country. 

“Things are going good,” said Booker. “I’m just getting back into school and the school mindset, and getting ready for the season.  November 3rd is the first game, but we have a jamboree game on October 27th.”

In the meantime Booker can’t help but keep recruiting somewhat on his mind.  A bevy of college coaches have made their way to Moss Point to watch him in action in recent days to watch.  Michigan was one of the schools present on the first day of the contact period last Monday.

“Coach Beilein and Coach Rick Ray (from Mississippi State) were here (last Monday),” he said.  “I didn’t do an open gym… we just did a workout with me and two of my other teammates. We worked real hard. My dad put us through a workout and it went great.”

While there Beilein made a request of his prized target.

“If he talks to me it counts as another (contact),” Booker explained.  “You get seven times to come see me, so since Beilein came down and talked to me, that counted as two. He was just talking about getting my dad up on campus for one of the games this season.”

“(My dad and I) have talked about it a few times. It’s probably something we have to do, knowing Michigan’s one of my top schools.”

With a number of visits to Michigan already marked off on his checklist, Booker is now focused on getting out to a visit a few of his other suitors.

“I visited Michigan State (before making it back down to Mississippi), but I couldn’t make Missouri due to a death in my family, so we’re rescheduling for October 13,” he said.

The visits will be key in getting Booker closer to a list of finalists.  For now He is still wide open. Expect it to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

(My dad and I) still haven’t talked about (cutting things down) yet,” he said.  “I think that’s something that we have to do with my mom (who still resides in Michigan) and dad around (laughter).”

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