Michigan impresses '14 CA SF Kameron Chatman

A new name on the Michigan basketball radar is FOXSportsNEXT Top-50 SF Kameron Chatman out of Cal Poly High School in California. GBW talked his father Canaan about the Wolverines, the coaching staff and a connection to the State of Michigan.

With zero commitments for the 2014 class, and four offers on the table and in the hands of some of the top prospects at their positions nationally, the Wolverines are continuing to hit the pavement and add on frequent flyer miles in search of talented ballers to bring into the fold. Having their ears open, and scholarships too, Michigan stumbled upon yet another highly regarded national prospect in Cal Poly (CA) High School four-star small forward Kameron Chatman, the #34 overall player in the 2014 class.

"A family friend reached out to Coach Meyer," Chatman's father Canaan told GoBlueWolverine. "Coach Meyer reached out to me. Him and I had one phone conversation in which we found out that we knew each other fairly well. He actually had a nephew of mine that played at the University of Missouri when he was there, and we just started going back and describing each other—and we were like man we know each other exactly."

"He wound up coming out in July and ended up checking out Kameron in Las Vegas," added Chatman's father.

After Michigan Assistant Coach Jeff Meyer had the chance to watch Chatman up close and personal, which clearly impressed the coaching veteran, it was time for the man in charge of the Wolverines resurgent program to make a call and inquire.

"From there Coach Beilein and I got on the horn and had a conversation maybe a few weeks ago, and that was a great conversation because I've followed him for quite some time and his program with what he does," said Chatman's father.

"After about maybe 20 minutes of dialogue he remembered me from my playing days and actually when we played him—I graduated from the University of Portland, he was at Canisius at that time. He remembered everything that was going on. It was just kind of impressive. For Coach Beilein just to bring that straight off the hip—when they're actually recruiting my son but could actually go back and remember something from his father—was kind of impressive. And Michigan and the history of Michigan kind of speaks for itself."

For Chatman, who has offers from almost the entire PAC-12, as well as Memphis, Michigan will continue to stand by their unofficial policy of bringing a recruit on campus before a scholarship is extended. That approach doesn't diminish the amount of interest the Wolverines have in Chatman and the type of versatile game he plays.

"They said they didn't want to get into the habit of just randomly offering a kid and putting it out there, but Kameron is definitely interested in Michigan," said Chatman's father. "He's their type of player. He's 6'7 and he's a guard. Everybody compares him to Jalen Rose cause he's left-handed, and he's just starting to scratch the surface. So we have had some interim conversations about coming out and visiting, and I'm pretty sure that if Kameron wanted to commit or said he wanted to go, I'm pretty sure they'd have a scholarship for him."

"I talked to Coach Meyer as recently as yesterday ‘cause he was out this week to come and see us, and he just said he absolutely loved him and that he plays multiple positions and is definitely the kind of player they recruit," added Chatman's father. "More importantly, just the kind of kid Kameron is. He's not a knucklehead. He's not a kid that's going to get caught up in any trouble, and he just comes from a solid family."

Chatman's ability to create and shoot for his size fits right into the philosophy the Wolverines have taken on in Ann Arbor. One that Chatman's father loves to see and that both look forward to watching unfold once again during the 2012-13 season.

"The guys get a chance to get out and go," he said. "From Tim Hardaway Jr. to even Glenn Robinson's son that's coming in this year."

"Coach Meyer and Coach Beilein, they're old school guys," Chatman's father added. "Sometimes you want to mix an old school guy with some of these new school kids. Kameron is a throw back kind of guy."

"More importantly than that, we want somebody who can take his game from high school stardom to obviously being able to make that transition to college, and obviously, if its in the cards and God's hand is in it, hopefully he can get a chance to play professionally at some point," Chatman's father added.

For right now, Chatman is working to adjust to life in California after moving from Portland, Oregon in March. After an important junior season, the family hopes to sit down and make some decisions regarding his future.

"Probably after his high school season we'll narrow it down to about ten schools before he goes into AAU. And then hopefully before the summer he'll have it down to the five schools he wants to visit and just kind of take the process slow," Chatman's father said.

"It's not time to narrow anything down, he's a young junior," he added. "Michigan is one of his schools that I would say right now is on his short list."

After an impressive AAU campaign in July that saw Chatman slide up from #42 to the #34 overall prospect nationally, here's what FOXSportsNext West Coast Recruiting Analyst Josh Gershon had to say about his game:

"This kid when we saw him a year ago he was very physically immature. He's grown to about 6'6 since then; his dad is 6'8 so we expect him to grow a couple more inches. A lefty, really good shooter, very high basketball IQ, plays hard, knows how to play the game; almost a point guard feel for the game as a small forward. This is a kid whose upside is significantly high."

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