UM Visit to be Family Affair for McQuay

Seffner (FL) Armwood safety Leon McQuay will be making a return visit to Michigan in a few weeks, but this time there be a special additional guest in tow.

When Leon McQuay’s plans to officially visit Michigan were abruptly changed a few months back, many recruiting observers wrote off the Wolverines’ chances at landing talented youngster.  His father insisted all along, however, that the Maize & Blue was still under serious consideration.  Thanks to the ongoing courtship of the Michigan coaching staff -- assistant Jeff Hecklinski dropped in on McQuay’s school early this week -- and the reciprocal interest from McQuay, rescheduling of the previously cancelled visit was recently finalized.

“We nailed down (visit plans for) Michigan (Monday),” reported McQuay’s father, Leon McQuay Jr.  “That’s going to be the Northwestern week November 10th.  What we’re going to do is spend the whole weekend there because that’s (Armwood’s) open week and that’s been the problem with the trips.  They play on Friday nights and getting a flight out early in the morning to some places has been really hard.  But they have an open week that week and we’ll be able to get there Friday night, leave Sunday, and he won’t have to miss school on Monday.”

Visits to Vanderbilt for the Commodores’ match up with Florida on October 13th and Oregon on October 27th currently fill out the talented youngster’s itinerary.  One significant difference on one or more of those remaining will be the presence of an additional family member.

“As far as I know (his mom) is definitely coming to the Michigan trip,” Mr. McQuay reported.  “I’m not sure about Oregon.  (Her ability to come) another reason we pushed (the Michigan visit) back (from October 19th).  We were having some scheduling problems with both mothers – my wife and his mom – my ex-wife.  They’re both coming unless something happens.  My wife usually travels with us, but since Leon’s mom moved back to the states, she is going to start traveling. I know she wants to go out to USC because she didn’t get to go in September when we went at the beginning of the year.”

That visit to the Golden State resonated still resonates with the Leon McQuay III, aka “L3”.  He gained a great appreciation for the Trojans’ music school and hopes to do the same while in Ann Arbor.  That will get him a great deal closer to being able to compare the two storied programs.  At this point only one difference between the two stands out.

“The weather was a lot better,” the younger McQuay said laughingly.

That begs the question, do his prior reservations about Midwest winters mean he couldn’t adjust to Michigan temperatures?

“No,” he responded. “I could if I had to.”

Much more significant considerations will be his aforementioned evaluation of the music school, the opportunity to get on the football field, and his connection with the coaches.  Once the visit schedule is completed McQuay plans to take a few months to mull over his options before announcing his decision at the Under Armour All American game.

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