Hoke hoping practice translates (w/video)

Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke is encouraged but not satisfied with the defensive performance against Notre Dame. The man in charge of the Wolverines got back to basics in practice over the past couple weeks hoping to create more consistent play heading into the Big Ten.

After holding a 3-0 Notre Dame team to just 13 offensive points nearly two weeks ago, Michigan head coach Brady Hoke lauded his defensive stoppers but wasn't ready to anoint the Wolverines as a "Michigan defense" just yet.

"I think it was better," said Hoke. "I think we played stouter up front and I think one of the biggest things is we were controlling the line of scrimmage and getting off the block. There's a difference. And making some plays. Quinton really played his best game that he's played at Michigan in a lot of ways when you watch that tape. I think that's all part of it."

In an effort to create a more productive and intense atmosphere in practice, as well as ensuring there are no signs of complacence, Hoke and the rest of the coaching staff have emphasized competition and the ability to make each other better on a daily basis.

"I think the guys in leadership positions, and some of the guys who have played a lot of football, have had a lot of pride," said Hoke. "And we went back to the basics a couple weeks ago, not that we left the basics, but a little more competition within in each and those kind of things, and it's helped us."

"More competition things," added Hoke. "Where, ‘you lose, you run'—cause there's consequences for winning and losing."

The Wolverines have done a fair share of winning and losing so far at 2-2 in the 2012 season, but the "back to basics" approach has appeared to inspire some more focused play out of Michigan behind the doors of Schembechler Hall.

"We had a really, really good practice yesterday," said Hoke. "I really liked the speed, tempo that we practiced with. I liked the execution from an offensive and defensive standpoint; and when you look at mistakes or missed assignments, very minimal of those. We competed well with each other and I thought it was a good day. Now we got to come back and have a back to back."

The Wolverines are also hoping to begin back-to-back wins—and more—Saturday in West Lafayette in the Big Ten opener against Purdue.

To watch video of Hoke's press conference from earlier, press play below.

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