Big Ten Returns Most Starters

One of the most interesting points made at today's Big Ten Head Coach's Press Conference was the almost unbelievably large number of returning starters.<br><br><br><br>

As each head coach was introduced, the number of returning starters was noted.

The majority of the coaches made statements similar to Wisconsin Coach Barry Alveraz's, who said, "Most of the Big Teams have the majority of their players back. I think the conference will be even stronger than last year, maybe one of the strongest Big Ten years ever."

Here are the number of returning starters for each team, out of 24 possible (including punter and place kicker).

Wisconsin - 18 starters back
Northwestern - 18 starters back
Purdue - 19 starters back
Illinois - 14 starters back
Michigan State - 17 starters back
Indiana - 14 starters back
Michigan - 16 starters back
Penn State - 12 starters back
Minnesota - 17 starters back
Ohio State -- 18 starters back, including all 11 on offense
Iowa - 12 starters back

Average returning starters per team: 16
This is a virtually unheard of 2/3rds of each team's 24 starters.

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