Head Coach Lloyd Carr - Selected Statements

Each Big Ten Coach had fifteen minutes at this morning's Kickoff Press Conference in Chicago. Here are a few interesting comments may by Michigan Head Coach Lloyd Carr -- on position changes and newcomers.<br><br>

"Markus Curry and Jeremy LeSueur have developed into proven cornerbacks which has allowed us to move Marlin Jackson to safety." This move was made in the spring of course, at which time we were told Jackson liked the move, and that, Carr said, "Marlin can make more plays at safety."

By the say, Marlin Jackson was expected to be the Michigan defensive player at the Big Ten Kickoff, but it is Carl Diggs who is here instead. We were told that Jackson is not injured, and that the switch to Diggs was not football related, nor anything to be concerned about.

Regarding running back, Carr said, "Chris Perry keeps getting better," and he also made it a point to say, "David Underwood is ready to contribute and will get his share of carries."

Regarding newcomers:
-- Carr made it a point to mention redshirt freshmen wide receivers Carl Tabb and Steve Breaston. And he also said, "I am hoping Steve Breaston will help us as a punt returner, along with Jermaine Gonzales" (who, by the way, had what Carr called "an outstanding spring" as a wideout).
-- Carr stated, "I am hoping that Garrett Rivas, who is a freshman, wins the place kicking job, because it will allow Adam Finley to concentrate on punting. We struggled in the place kicking department and I am hoping Garrett can make a difference there."
-- Regarding fullback, Carr mentioned Kevin Dudley, then said, "Redshirt freshman Brian Thompson ... he reminds us of Aaron Shea who was a great Michigan fullback a few years ago."
-- When discussing the safeties, Carr touched on, in order, Ernest Shazor, Jacob Stewart, Jon Shaw and Willis Barringer (who he said, "had a great spring"), then added, "Ryan Mundy and Prescott Burgess are two freshmen we should get some help from."

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