Changes In Store At MSU

Tidbits from new MSU Coach John L. Smith at this morning's Big Ten press conference. As he said, "... at times it'll be a circus."<br><br><br><br>

Smith gradually got up a 'head of steam' during his turn at the microphone, and by the end was almost shouting. A few gems:

"Throwing the ball to set up the run -- we believe in it and will continue to do it."

"Our fans will know where the football is -- it'll be in the air. Hopefully it'll give us a chance."

Regarding the quarterback spot: "Right now Drew Stanton is the guy."

And regarding Jeff Smoker: "We'll make a decision right before the season. He is trying to make a change in his life. So we will hold a carrot in front of him as long as we can. " And, "Life is not easy for him. So far he is doing well. He's a good young man, with a great heart. If he does everything right as he has been doing, he could be cleared (to play) right before the first game."

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