Full Transcript: Demens Talks D-Improvement

Senior linebacker Ken Demens talks about his performance yesterday, and the improvement of the D.

Kenny, can you just talk about the improvement of this defense from week to week, getting off the field on 3rd down, creating turnovers?

Kenny Demens: Yeah, a lot of it goes into our preparation and just, our practice habits. Notre Dame week, we just started off, we just had a real good week of practice and we kind of knew that game, it was going to go good for defense and we just kept going.

Kenny, when the game was still relatively close in the 1st half, you guys held them to a 4th down, they kicked a field goal and missed, they went for it again on 4th down and you guys held them. How big were those plays?

It was huge, you know, just, for the whole team and the momentum and switching it back to our side. We knew that we didn't want to stay on the field too long. We just want to make plays for the team.

Kenny, how much is the game and the pass coverage kind of slowed down for you? It looks like you've really stepped up your game in that are in the last couple weeks.

Well that was something I had to really focus on coming into my senior year, playing pass, and even zone dropping better, that's something that I took upon myself, and my coaches even instilled it in us as a defensive unit, that we have to get better. And you know, we go to practice and we study what we study. If it's in pass skelly, then we're all over it. We have to be great. We can't just be good at one thing, so we're still getting better at that.

Kenny, how did it feel to get your first career interception?

Awesome. It's nothing like that. And to have those guys be happy for me out there on the sideline, that was incredible.

Kenny, when Denard went in, obviously, you didn't know when he was going to come back in, Russell obviously went in for a series, did you guys say anything to your defense about ok, this game, you know, could be on us the rest of the day and we need to step up right now?

Kind of. We go into every game feeling that way, that we want to win the game on our side of the football. And just watching Denard go down like that, we knew that we had to step our game up. You know, in essence, if they don't score any more points, then we win the ball game. If we stop them, then we did our job.

Kenny, it seems like this team's been playing faster and making reads quicker, why has it been able to play as aggressively as it has?

I mentioned our preparation and the small things. We still do things like pursuit drill in practice. Once you get 11 guys to the football, you know, great things happen.

Kind of following up on that, is this a team that's gaining confidence throughout the season in your mind?

I would say so, if we keep practicing the way we practice, the sky's the limit for the defense.

Kenny how do you feel about your defense right now in comparison to when you peaked last year?

I feel good about it. I feel we sort of hit that game where we finally knew that we could be a great defense and it was a lot earlier this year, last year, it was a lot later in the season, but I feel good about us.

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