RB Wilbon likes what Michigan has to offer

On Saturdays at and around the Big House recruits come to enjoy what is called the Michigan experience. Most leave very impressed with the way things are laid out for them, and Mikale Wilbon is no different. After his visit last weekend, the 2014 Chi-town RB likes many things about Michigan.

With the way Michigan performed on and off the field on Saturday, 2014 RB Mikale Wilbon came away impressed.

"Although the weather was cold and rainy, it was a good experience," he told GoBlueWolverine. "The fan base good and very loud. I have a very nice time up at Michigan."

Mikale received a dose of real football weather in the fall, and in the process he kept a very watchful eye on just how the Wolverines use their running backs in multiple situations out on the field.

"I really like the variety of ways that Michigan would use their running backs," he said. "There were swing passes, they were putting them out in the flats and giving them the ball to produce. I can do a lot of those things, so I was impressed with the way they use their running backs in different situations."

The coaching staff has kept an eye on Wilbon and his talents, and they've made sure he knows they are interested.

"The coaches liked my film and the way I play they are showing interest in me. I spoke with Coach Singletary, and he wants me to come up whenever I can; and he will stay in touch with me."

As Mikale's recruitment moves forward he is keeping a list of things that he sees he would like he the schools he is interested in.

"Education is first on my list. The environment that I am around is important. I would like a good fan base that supports the school. And how these schools use their running backs."

Wilbon did have a good time up at Michigan and the coaching staff left one lasting impression on him that really caught his attention.

"Michigan is like a family. I like the way the coaches interact with the players. The players will be walking through and the coaches just give them hugs and talk with them. It is like a real family, a real brotherhood up there."

Mikale Wilbon won't soon forget the things that he experienced up in Michigan last weekend.

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