Full Transcript: Gibbons and Dileo

The game's two rather-unlikely stars talk about this very satisfying win.

Coach was just saying when he was in here, the question was, was it going to be you, was it going to be Wile, and he selected you to come out because it was in your particular range. When you went out there, did you have any flashbacks to the bowl game, the last second win there, here against the big opponent of MSU?

GIBBONS: No, there were no flashbacks. It's a new game, new season, and Coach trusted me to go out there and win the game for the seniors, and bring Paul back to Ann Arbor.

Which kick, when you look back on – obviously, to look back on this one would be about 15 minutes – but which one do you think was bigger for you? That Sugar Bowl kick, or this one?

GIBBONS: They're all pretty big kicks. This one was a big one, and our bigger goal is to win the Big Ten championship, not just to beat Michigan State, so I don't know.

Can you take us through the scene in the locker room? Obviously, the Paul Bunyan trophy is something most of you guys haven't even seen. What was it like when that was brought in, and what was the reaction?

DILEO: It's always exciting to bring Paul Bunyan back, and for me in particular, and even Brendan, I haven't seen Paul Bunyan since I've been here at Michigan, so it's nice to get him back here in our trophy case, where he belongs.

Was that part of the conversation this week?

DILEO: Yeah, I think so. It's been part of the conversation for the past four years.

Drew, you obviously had a big catch against Ohio State last year. How big were these catches today? Especially that last one. Take us through being the guy Denard trusted in that situation.

DILEO: I think it was more Denard got a little pressure, and scrambled, and I just continued to run my route, and kind of threw the coverage, and we knew that their DBs didn't really cover once the quarterback started scrambling, so I just got open, and he found me, and made a good ball, and I caught it.

And to follow that up, you're the guy with the ball in his hands on the kick. Can you talk about the focus on that particular play, and whether or not you knew it was good when he hit it?

DILEO: Yeah, you know, had to kind of switch gears from catching it, to clocking it real fast, and then holding the field goal. Like I've told you all before, I held in high school for two years, so it really comes natural to me, and also to have the good snapper, and then to have Brendan, who we all have complete faith in that he's going to make the kick, is pretty nice.

Did you know it was good when he hit it?

DILEO: Usually I can tell, you know, if he hits it good. I knew he hit is solid, he crushed it pretty good, but then he was kind of playing the wind, so it started right, but then went back left.

Just to follow up, what is this day like for you? To have this type of impact on the game when, obviously, your team wanted so badly to beat these guys. What has this been like for you today?

DILEO: It's been pretty exciting, you know? I have a role on this team, and to fill my role like I did today is nice for me, and nice for these seniors. You know, team 133, and Coach Hoke, and everybody.

Brendan, they called that time out to ice you. Does that affect you at all, when coaches do that, or what did you do, mentally, when that happened?

GIBBONS: It really doesn't affect me at all. I think it's kind of pointless, but I was just ready to win the game and have Paul back.

DILEO: To add on that real quick, Coach Hoke prepares us for those situations. He calls time out in practice all the time before Brendan kicks. It's not like he hasn't – you know, he's done it before.

Brendan, before the kick, are you thinking of the same brunette girls, or are you mixing it up a little bit?

GIBBONS: No, I was thinking about the seniors, that was my main goal. This season's about the seniors, and winning it for them, and winning the Big Ten championship for them.

Drew, Denard always says the offensive line makes him look good; the offensive line says Denard makes them look good. From your perspective, as a receiver, which is it?

DILEO: I think it's both, really. Our offensive line is pretty damn good, and Denard makes them better, and they make Denard better, so it goes both ways.

Brendan, Brady said he didn't talk to you before this kick, before you went out there. Did anybody talk to you before you went out there, and if so, what did they say to you? Or did you just stand by yourself?

GIBBONS: I was just down by everyone. Everyone said ‘alright, Gibby, go win the game for us', so I just went out there and won the game.

Brendan, obviously you had three kicks today, but Matt Wile had the kick, and that's his first career attempt. Did you say anything to him, and did you know, based on what he's done in practice, that a 48 yarder, his fist career kick, that it was going to be a gimme?

GIBBONS: Yeah, he has a very strong leg. He was into the wind a little bit, and he did a really nice job when his number was called.

Drew, the defense obviously had to make a stop to get the ball back to give you guys a chance to win the game. Basically the same situation at Notre Dame, and they couldn't do it. What gave you confidence – I'm assuming you had confidence – that they would do it this time around? What gave you that confidence that they would do that?

DILEO: Really, how hard we practiced, and how hard they practiced. We had a really physical week of practice. Coach Mattison, Coach Mallory, and Coach Smith had a really good game plan. You know, I don't really see a whole lot of that, just because I'm on offense, obviously, but I have trust in our coaches, and I think that's where it starts, and I have trust in our players to get it done, and they got it done.

Drew, early on, it looked like there was a lot of talking going back and forth between the two teams. How intense is it down there, and is it – I mean, what is it like between the two teams?

DILEO: I mean, it's Michigan/Michigan State, you know, in-state rivalry, it's going to be pretty intense. I think that's just something you have to expect.

Brendan, I'm sure you want to see them score a touchdown in that situation, but was there a part of you that really wanted it to come down to you, and your leg, and those final seconds?

GIBBONS: My job on the team is to put three points on the board, or one point on the board if we score a touchdown, and I was excited that my number was called, and that Coach Hoke has trust in me, and the field goal unit, to prepare, or get a win for Michigan for our bigger goal of the Big Ten championship.

Jordan came in and talked about this lifting the monkey off your back in this series. Is that how you guys are looking at this? Finally beating them, not letting them get five straight?

DILEO: Yeah, I think so. As I'm sure he said, it is nice to beat Michigan State, but like Brendan just said, it's just another championship game, you know, we're trying to win the Big Ten championship here at Michigan, because that's what's expected, so that's what we're trying to do.

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