Up Close with Damon Webb (with Video)

Detroit Cass Tech CB Damon Webb sat down with GoBlueWolverine for an in-depth update on the growth of his game, his top schools, his decision criteria, and much much more.

Sam Webb: First off Damon, talk about the season and how it has been going so far?

Damon Webb: “The season has been going real well. Our team is coming though together. We have a couple tough losses. But we going to be good”

Sam Webb: There was a lot of hype about you coming into the season. But you have gone through and have actually proven the hype correct. Is there any aspect of what you did that you are even surprised by?

Damon Webb: “No, I just know that I am a playmaker and I make plays. So I wasn’t surprised by nothing.”

Sam Webb: Now tell me at what point… was it that first game where you had so much success where you were like “yeah I’m here.”?

Damon Webb: “Yeah you could say that, the first game. I thought that set me apart.”

Sam Webb: Alright as the season has gone on, have you noticed they know about JD (Jourdan Lewis) -- teams try to avoid him a little bit? You notice teams trying to shy away from you as well?

Damon Webb: “No, teams have been going at me this year.”

Sam Webb: Take me though game one to now… what are the biggest improvements you made in your game?

Damon Webb: “Just overall everything, just coverage wise, just knowing the game and knowing the defense. That’s basically it.”

Sam Webb: Do you think you have adopted a defensive mentality? I asked that because I remember talking way back in the spring… way back in March, April, you were saying, “I’m more na offensive player. I’m a receiver.” Right now how do you feel?

Damon Webb: “I feel like I am more of a defensive player right now. I feel like I got that Tyrann Mathieu instinct. Like that dog in me just to make plays and stuff like that.”

Sam Webb: Clearly schools have been showing you a ton of attention. Where is your scholarship list stand right now? What schools have offered you scholarships?

Damon Webb:Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Toledo.”

Sam Webb: Now when you go these visits and you have been on a few. You have been to Michigan. You have been to Michigan State. You have been to Ohio state too right? When you go on these trips, what do you look for? What kind of stands out to you? What catches your attention?

Damon Webb: “Just the coaches, just getting to know the coaches more. Every time I go on campus for a visit and just seeing the fans when I go to the game and stuff like that.”

Sam Webb: Lets go one by one… I know you didn’t make it to LSU for a game. But when you went down to the Bayou, what was it about that feel--that vibe that kind of got you?

Damon Webb: “When I saw the players workout, I knew it was real. They take football real serious down south. And when I walked into death valley stadium, it’s just amazing.”

Sam Webb: Now you have been up to Michigan State a few times, when you step up there, what is it about the Spartans that kind of stick out to you?

Damon Webb: “The Spartans coach Barnett, he is a real cool coach to me. I am real familiar with coach Barnett and the coaching staff at Michigan State. I like the fans and the crazy atmosphere.”

Sam Webb: You mentioned before, you had a little bit of a liking for Ohio State along the way. When you went down there and saw what they had to offer. What about the Buckeyes, what did you see there?

Damon Webb: “Yeah I really like the Buckeyes. They on the top of my list. Coach Combs the defensive back coach, me and him, I really like coach Combs. We have a good relationship. I really like them.”

Sam Webb: So when you say they are on the top of your list, does that mean they are your number one school right now?

Damon Webb: “No, I don’t have a number one.”

Sam Webb: So Michigan, you have been there a few times as well. What stands out you when you go to Ann Arbor?

Damon Webb: “When I go to Ann Arbor, it’s just getting more familiar with the coaching staff. And talking to the coaches more. And as always the fans. That’s’ it.”

Sam Webb: You mentioned Tyrann Mathieu, it’s interesting, another corner I talked to compared himself to him as well. I went down to Bolingbrook, Illinois and had a chance to talk to Parrker Westphal. And he said you guys have been chatting a little bit. Maybe talking about being a dynamic duo. How far have those conversations gone?

Damon Webb: “I haven’t talk to him in minute. But every time I see Parrker, we always talk about it. He a real cool guy. I haven’t talk to him a minute though.”

Sam Webb: Is that something you look at? Is that something you are really interested in? Or is that just talk right now?

Damon Webb: “It’s just talk right now. I really haven’t looked into it like that.”

Sam Webb: So do you pay attention to recruiting classes and who else is there? Do you look at that kind of thing?

Damon Webb: “Yeah, I look at that.”

Sam Webb: Take me though your process, when you look at these schools—What are the big factors that determined whether a school moves up or a school moves down?

Damon Webb: “Definitely playing time. If I am comfortable there. I also want to see my family come see me play. So those three big things right there.”

Sam Webb: So does that mean that schools that are closest, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, do they have a little bit of edge because of distance?

Damon Webb: “I wouldn’t really say that. Those would be the three schools I would go to (have) my parents see me play.”

Sam Webb: What about your timeline? I mean that is kind of an open ended thing, you talked bout it in passing. Have you guys gotten any closer to figuring out what you want to do? Is it going to be your senior season? Is it going to be before? When do you think you might make a decision?

Damon Webb: “I really don’t know right now. I’m just going to wait until after the season and really think about it. Right now, I’m just taking it all in. I haven’t really had a chance to sit on and think about what I really want to do.”

Sam Webb: Now what about visits, what do you anticipate going either the rest of the season or certainly into the winter months. Where do you expect you will be going?

Damon Webb: “I know I am going to try to make it down to LSU. UCLA, they have been looking at me. USC and Florida, I would like to make it down to those schools. Also the schools that already offered me, like Ohio State and West Virginia.”

Sam Webb: Now, are you hearing from any other recruits? Are any other recruits on your head, about do this, do that, come with me? Other than your conversation with Parrker Westphal, you talking to any other guys about that?

Damon Webb: “I think the Michigan recruit (Michael) Ferns he (direct messaged) me on Twitter trying to talk to me. He a real cool guy. I appreciated that.”

Sam Webb: Last but certainly not least, it sounds like you’re real big on relationships with the coaches man. What kind of relationships thus far kind of stand out? I’m not saying they are your leader or anything, but what are the relationships that stand out to you so far?

Damon Webb: “At Michigan State, me and (coach) Barnett we have a real good relationship. I always call him. We have a good talk. Me and coach Mallory at Michigan. (Michigan) coach Singletary we always talk on the phone. And coach Combs at Ohio State. We have good relationships.”

Sam Webb: Just talk about the rest of the season. You guys clearly have some goals that are still in front of you. I know you had a few setbacks. So did last year’s team. What are you guys saying in the locker room? What do you see ahead for yourself and for Cass Tech?

Damon Webb: “We’re just trying to win a state championship. That’s our number one goal right now. There are no other goals in our head, just to win the state championship.”

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