Up Close with Kahlid Hill (with Video)

East English Village and Michigan tight end commit, Khalid Hill sat down with GoBlueWolverine for an in-depth update on the growth of his game, David Dawson's absence from Michigan's class, recruiting other prospects, and much much more.

Sam Webb: Just talk to me how this season has been going for you individually so far?

Khalid Hill: "It's going pretty good so far. I am getting better every day as a player. As a team we getting better every day. Our record right now is 7-1 and we made it to the championship in the first year as a team ever. We didn't think we might get that far, but we had faith as a team to get far and try to make it to the championship. So we going to keep building."

Sam Webb: In national circle you are little bit under the radar. People in the state of Michigan knew a little bit about you. Now the light is on you. What's better about Khalid Hill from game one till now? What parts of your game have improved?

Khalid Hill: "Everything has improved, from my blocking. It wasn't that good at the beginning of the season. But I worked on it every day in practice with my coach. Coach Oden helped with my blocking in practice as a player and my route running as a receiver. They got me all over the field now. I play receiver a lot now too. So my routes a receiver are better now as well."

Sam Webb: So what about size man? That's one of things people were wondering about, height, weight and 40, do you know where you are at in those categories?

Khalid Hill: "I grew probably to 6'4 now, 6'3.5. Coaches at Michigan told me I grew an inch. I didn't really think I grew. My mom told me I did too. So I guess I'm getting taller. My weight I am like at a 240-lbs now. My speed is still the same. I am still running indoor track. We got track practices every Monday now. So my speed I still keep it where it is at."

Sam Webb: You recently had a departure in David Dawson. People want to know what impact that has on other guys in the class. Does that impact you at all? What did you think about that when it happened?

Khalid Hill: "I love David to death like a brother. But it was his choice. He thought he wasn't ready to make that commitment. He's got other stuff that he wants to go see. That's up to him"

Sam Webb: Does that impact you at all?

Khalid Hill: "It kind of shocked me. He was committed for so long. I didn't think—That was the one person I didn't think was going to de-commit. But it happens, we just have to move on. Will pick up more players."

Sam Webb: You Max Ex guys, you guys are a crew too. One of your Max Ex guys is a young corner named Damon Webb. How active are you guys in courting him in particular?

Khalid Hill: "When David was committed to Michigan, we always told him you better commit to Michigan when we tried to talk to him. Damon, I really think he likes Michigan. He has sports options as a player. He still got a lot more offers from Big Ten schools. So he is going to explore most of his other options also."

Sam Webb: Talk to me a little bit about you guys going forward. You have made outstanding progress on the field. But things get tougher as you get into the playoffs. So talk about you as a senior and what you are saying to your team as you guys prepare for that?

Khalid Hill: "It's a difference between the state playoff and the preseason. The season we call it the preseason, because it really just a season. the real dance is the state playoffs. That's when we got to get more disciplined as a team. Practice got to go quicker. Everything got to be perfect execution. So we just got to get better as team."

Sam Webb: Individually you talked about your improvement to this point. What still needs to get better in Khalid Hill game?

Khalid Hill: "Keep working hard, don't get to lackadaisical. I'm good, but I can still get better. Because I am not one of the top ranked guys. Where I got that rep, ‘he's a top guy. He can do whatever.' But I don't have that rep. I got to keep working to get better as a player."

Sam Webb: You have seen Devin Funchess go to Michigan as a freshman and do some big things. Does that encourage you what you might be able to do when you get there next year?

Khalid Hill: "When I saw that--they use both of their freshman tight ends, A.J. Williams and Devin Funchess. And when I saw that I was like, ‘man, that is the school for me. I want to go there.' They are not afraid to play their freshman if they are good enough players to play as freshman. Coach told me if come in and you're doing your job. And you're playing like you are supposed to playing, you will be able to play. I am going to try to go in and do what I can do to be the best player I can be, so I can play like Devin and AJ."

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