Up Close with Jourdan Lewis (with Video)

Detroit Cass Tech and Michigan CB commit Jourdan Lewis sat down with GoBlueWolverine for an in-depth update on the growth of his game, the possibility of playing offense at the next level, recruiting Damon Webb, and much much more.

Sam Webb: JD first things first, talk to me about how the season the season is going for you so far?

Jourdan Lewis: "It's going okay, you know we just lost two games. We got to bounce back and go to the state playoffs with confidence and camaraderie."

Sam Webb: Last year you had a couple of setbacks. The first game of the season versus Farmington Hills Harrison and then to Detroit Crockett (twice). And yet you guys were able to bounce back. Are you taking from that experience and applying it this year?

Jourdan Lewis: "Yeah of course, all that doesn't matter. The playoffs are coming up. It' just lose or go home right now. So we just got to come together and get this together, so we can play till Thanksgiving."

Sam Webb: Talk to me about JD game one of the season and JD now. What do you do better? What do you still need to improve on?

Jourdan Lewis: "I think my confidence. Right now, I think my confidence has done up from game one. All the pressure has been on us to succeed. I think we handled it okay."

Sam Webb: Now last year you were on the other side of Terry Richardson. Teams tried to avoid him a little bit and come your way. Do you notice this year that they trying to avoid you and go Damon Webb way?

Jourdan Lewis: "It seems like Webb has been making more plays then me. But you just got to contribute and do what you can do."

Sam Webb: You contribute in other aspects of the game. We see you do your thing in special teams. We see you do your thing offensively. A lot of people want to know, is it definitely defense on the next level for you? Or would if they came to you and said, "hey, we want you to be a receiver." Would you be open to something like that?

Jourdan Lewis: "Of course, I love playing receiver. That's what I started playing off in the beginning. But you know coach wants me to play defense. You know I just got to play defense."

Sam Webb: So you will play wherever they want you to play?

Jourdan Lewis: "Yeah, I am an athlete."

Sam Webb: Obviously, this past week David Dawson decided to part ways with Michigan. A lot of people also wondered does that impact where you are with your decision with Michigan? What do you have to say about that?

Jourdan Lewis: "No, not at all. Dave has always had his own mind. It's nothing you can do about that. It won't affect my decision at all."

Sam Webb: So now there are a few young guys on your team that Michigan is coveting. Curtaining they have already offered Damon Webb, what kind of role do you play in that? As far as a recruiter, are you laid back? Do you talk to them about it? What's your approach?

Jourdan Lewis: "I'm just laid back. All these colleges are coming towards them with all this attention. I just take it one day at a time. I just tell them—(A decision) it (will) just come."

Sam Webb: Alright you be the coach for a minute. You play the position, you know what's good about it and you know what's bad about it. Break down Damon Webb's game for me. What do you see when you watch Webb on to the football field?

Jourdan Lewis: "He is a amazing playmaker. He has all of the attributes to be a big time player. He can catch the ball. He has amazing ball skills. He is a great player."

Sam Webb: I'll have you break down another guy. Scout JD, scout Jourdan Lewis, what does Jourdan Lewis do well defensively? Then offensively break down your game?

Jourdan Lewis: "I am a bit of a gambler. I just like to make that big play. I just want to have fun with the game. Sometime the gambling can affect (my game) you know what I am saying. So it's just stay confident and just keep my technique, and play the game."

Sam Webb: Offensively who are you? Steve Smith? Santonio Holmes? What do we see when we watch you at receiver?

Jourdan Lewis: "DeSean Jackson, I love Desean Jackson at receiver. He is just an amazing playmaker. He just makes it happen."

Sam Webb: Desean Jackson, did you know he was an Army All-American?

Jourdan Lewis: "Yeah I did. I also knew he won the MVP."

Sam Webb: Is that something you aspire to do, when you make it down there?

Jourdan Lewis: "Of course, I always want to show off."

Sam Webb: Last but not least, clearly we know you just talked about what the goals are in front of you guys. But you got to go out and do it man. What's the mindset in the locker room? What are you saying to the guys as a senior, as you guys prepare to bring home championship number two in a row?

Jourdan Lewis: "Just take it one day at a time. Just don't get big headed. Just keep it calm and keep it collect and come together as a team."

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