Postgame Transcript: Craig Roh, Roy Roundtree

Craig Roh talks about the pay of the defense last night; Roy Roundtree answers questions on Bellomy and the offense.

Craig Roh:

The defense kept Michigan in the game.

Yeah, I mean, that's something that our defense prides itself on, is being able to change situations, and stop the offense. That's something that we really pride ourselves on, but we just needed to do more than that this game.

Do you feel like you responded well, and how do you feel like you responded as a defense?

I don't know. I just felt like today, we didn't tackle very well, and I think we responded in some situations, and in other ones we didn't respond as well. I think it's something that our team needs to mature a little bit. We'll get there. We're going to come back tomorrow and improve on it.

Brady mentioned the tackling as well. Was it something about Nebraska, or was it something about you guys?

I mean, the thing is, I always – you have to give credit to Nebraska, because they played a good game, but I always think it's on us. I always feel like if we break down the way we break down, even if a guy misses a tackle, there's five more guys right there, and I think that's something we didn't do as much in the second half.

You were controlling the ball on offense in the first half. Was the game kind of going the way you were kind of hoping in the first half, except for the one run?

The thing is, we just didn't play good enough today, whether it be first half or second half. We just needed to play better.

Coach Hoke said he really never felt comfortable with how the jet read was defended. Did they do something different, or did you feel like you had some trouble with it?

They did basically the same that we've done at every practice during the week, we just – you know, communication. We just need to communicate out there, and that's something that we need to improve on.

This team relies on Denard, obviously. When you see him go down, and you see him not going back in the game, does it affect the defense at all?

I mean, I know defensively, I'm thinking that we need to get the offense the ball, get three and outs, and step up our game. It's not a discouragement in any way, it's that we need to play even better now.


Roy Roundtree:

Talk about how tough a spot that is for Bellamy to try to come in in a place like this.

I mean, it's pretty tough, but we all have his back, and you know, him being a young leader out there, he has to respond. And I feel like we have to give credit to Nebraska because they held us to I think 9 points or six points, and the offense has to score. That's the main thing. We have to come together and score, and move the ball.

Why do you think you guys haven't scored? Two games plus without a touchdown.

I have no clue. You know, we just have to move the ball. It starts with the line of scrimmage. You know, Coach Hoke always tells us that, and it's something we have to do better, you know, because the defense is doing their job. Offense has to turn it up, you know? We have four games left. We have to turn it around and score points.

Did you talk to Russell on the sidelines at all and try to keep his spirits up? I mean, he was struggling a little bit.

Oh yeah, I always talk to Russ, you know? He was pretty composed out there. He had some mistakes, but we all have mistakes, even with Denard in the game. We just have to run the ball better to help us in the game.

How much do you think the offense changed when Russ went in?

We still play with the same offense, you know? Russ had a pretty good long run in there, and you know, we just tried to keep him up. I felt like it was his time, and I felt like he came in and did it.

He seemed pretty wild out there. What is he usually like in practice?



He's getting rushed more. You know, the defensive line was really giving him pressure, but he got into the game, so I feel like Nebraska made an adjustment, but it's something we can all work on. Better routes, catching the ball, you know, we had several drops out there. We just have to do better.

What was Denard doing on the sideline in the second half?

He was just keeping us all in the game, you know? We just have to score, you know, which we didn't, but we'll go watch film, and figure out our mistakes, and – it's two games now, and we have to turn it around, have to.

You mentioned an adjustment that the defense made. What adjustment was that?

It just seemed like they were blitzing more, you know? Russ was in there for the first time, but it's something that we have to adjust to. Like I said, we have to adjust to it, so we can do better moving the ball, you know, running the ball. That's the main thing. I don't think we did a good job of that today.

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