Michigan Set the Bar for Westphal

GoBlueWolverine's Josh Newkirk was able to catch up with junior cornerback Parrker Westphal and his father Brian, after the rising 2014 corner helped lead Bolingbrook to a 39-7 victory over Sandburg in the opening round of the Illinois state playoffs. In his recruitment the question is simple… how do other schools compare to Michigan? ***video interview/highlights included***

Josh Newkirk: Parrker talk about tonight’s game and your performance?

Parrker Westphal: “At the beginning, like the first series, we played a little bumpy. But the defense came together and the offense just scored.”

Josh Newkirk: Talk about your season thus far and how you been able to progress as a player?

Parrker Westphal: “Just taking it day by day every week in practice… just staying in the film room studying and bring my notebook with me. And just the team playing together in unison."

Josh Newkirk: Dad, how have you seen your son grow as a player from the training in the summer to where he is at right now?

Brian Westphal: “He just seems to be improving all the time, trying harder, working harder. He still makes mistakes here and there, then makes up for them later.”

Josh Newkirk: What are some schools right now that are standing out to you in particular?

Parrker Weestphal: “Well the school that set the bar for my standard to compare other schools to is Michigan.”

Josh Newkirk: What is about the Wolverines that stands out?

Parrker Westphal: “Just the facilities, the program, the tradition around there is amazing.”

Josh Newkirk: While you were up in Ann Arbor for your visit, what was the vibe from the coaching staff on your visit?

Parrker Westphal: “It was like a family like vibe. Just all the coaches are like family.”

Josh Newkirk: Brian you heard your son say he likes Michigan. What are your thoughts on Michigan? Were you on the visit with him?

Brian Westphal: “It was me, Parker, Brandon (Parrker’s Brother), and his position coach, coach Todd (Howard.)”

Josh Newkirk: What was your overall perspective on your visit to Ann Arbor?

Brian Westphal:“I thought it was great up there. Coaches were great. Facilities were great. It was an opportunity to get out there. It was great having both my kids up there with me too. That was fun.”

Josh Newkirk: As a parent would you feel comfortable handing your kid off to the coaching staff in Ann Arbor for next four years?

Brian Westphal: “Oh yeah, yeah they seemed really good. You still got to communicate more with them. Learn more about them and things like that. The biggest thing with the coaches for me, is that I can trust them and they have some integrity and honesty to them. There is a lot of coaches out there that say one thing and turn around and do another. And that is the biggest concern and fear that I have with coaches. Not just Michigan, just in general concern I have. I trust them with my kid.”

Josh Newkirk: Now Parrker you have been on some visits to other schools. When you go on these visits, what are you looking for in particular on these visits?

Parrker Westphal: “I’m just checking out how the coaches operate during practice and how the players are. And just seeing the unity and loyalty of all them.”

Josh Newkirk: Now, is there any schools out there that you haven’t seen--that are on your to do list?

Parrker Westphal: “Florida and West Virginia.”

Josh Newkirk: The rumor is your dad would like you to go to a school within four to six hours driving distance. First off, what are your thoughts on that? Does that go into your thinking process when you’re looking at schools?

Parrker Westphal: “Kind of, but I’m just trying to go to a school that I know is gonna win.”

Josh Newkirk: What are your thoughts on that dad?

Brian Westphal: “My thoughts are I would like him to be within six hours. It’s a decent driving radius. But what I like and what I get aren’t necessarily going to be the same thing. I mean what is most important is what makes him happy. He is the one who has to be in school anywhere from three to five years depending on how the football goes. If he is not happy, he’s not going to do good. He is not going to do good academically. He is not going to do good football wise. If I’m happy it’s going to affect him one bit. He needs to be happy. I’d like it to be six hours, but I’d like to have a Ferrari too, and I don’t. So will see how it goes.” 

Josh Newkirk: So what you’re saying, you wouldn’t be super happy with a Florida pick, but as long as it made Parrker happy, you would be cool with that?

Brian Westphal: “I mean it’s not really going to disappoint me either way. What I would like is six hours. But I don’t pressure him about that. I don’t talk to him about that. I said it one time with him and that’s it. There is nothing else that needs to be said. What needs to happen, is he needs to comfortable and happy where he going to go. And then I know he will be successful.”

Josh Newkirk: There had been talks about you making an early decision. What are your thoughts now that you are talking to other schools? You’re getting other offers… is the early decision still something you’re pondering? Or do you want to go see some other schools before you make that decision?

Parrker Westphal: “I still want to check out my other options and see other schools.”

Josh Newkirk: I know you said Michigan is the standard. What are some other programs that can compete with Michigan?

Parrker Westphal: “Ohio State, I know (the Wolverines) are not going to like this, but they compared quite well with them too. They had the same type of facilities and stuff.”

Josh Newkirk: Dad, do you have a preference on any particular Big Ten school? Does it matter? s it Ohio State? Do you get into the whole rivalry or anything like that?

Brian Westphal: “No, I mean he needs to get a good education. He needs to be successful in football. He needs to do what he can to provide support for a football team. And them to give him support. The name of the school isn’t really a big issue with me. They are all great schools."

“Michigan is a great standard to base everyone from. There is going to be schools that are better—possibly—There is going to be schools that are worse. But that is a standard to set. You don’t want to set a standard to a high school… then every college in the country is going to be better than that for the most part. Michigan is good standard and will go from there and then see how they compare.”

Josh Newkirk: Now when he says he wants to wait the process out and see where the schools are. What’s your advice going to be through this whole process? When it comes down to that decision, what’s your fatherly advice going to be?

Brian Westphal: “For the most part again, it just got to be something he is comfortable with. Where he feels inside this is someplace that I can be a part of. I can be successful at. From my stand point, it has to be one that he going to get support from that school. He can offer his support in return. Cause if you can’t, if you’re not getting what you’re supposed to be get on the football field. And coaches aren’t doing what they said what they were going to do in the beginning, when you were being recruited. Then you’re not going to be successful in academics.”

"Academically, he is going to be successful no matter what schools he goes too. They’re all great schools. They all offer great educations. He is not going to be a brain surgeon. So he doesn’t have to go to a brain surgeon school. He needs to go somewhere where he is going to be successful. If the coaches don’t offer that support, that’s going to affect it. And I need to know that that’s going to happen."

Josh Newkirk: If you were to give anybody out there a description of what type of player you are, what kind of corner do you present yourself out there to be?

Parrker Westphal: “Just big and aggressive.”

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