GBW sits down with Channing Stribling (pt 2)

GBW visited with Michigan CB commit Channing Stribling to discuss a wide range of topics, including his game, his recruitment, his attraction to Michigan, and his family.

GBW visited with CB commit Channing Stribling earlier this week to discuss a wide range of topics, including his game, his recruitment, his attraction to Michigan and his family.

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Part II:

On his recruitment picking up later than it did for some of his classmates:

"I think it was mainly because I was mostly just playing receiver.  I was playing behind Uriah [LeMay] and a couple of other good players we had, so my stats weren't very high: Uriah was over 1,000 yards and I had about 600 yards.  Maybe I was a little undersized [for wideout].  One day my coach said he thought I should play corner, and I was like ‘I don't want to play corner, I don't like corner.'  I liked hitting but I just didn't like corner.  But I wasn't getting many looks at receiver, so I figured I might as well try corner.

So when I went up to [camp at] Michigan I was going to play some corner and then play receiver.  I was talking with one of our defensive coaches and I thought I should play corner the whole week.  So that was where playing corner really started for me.  Last year I would play corner but it was really just to play both ways."

On his expectations going into the Michigan camp:

"First off I thought I would maybe get a MAC offer.  I thought Michigan was loaded.  I looked at the recruiting boards and saw corners, corners, corners, corners, receivers, receivers, receivers….  I thought ‘aw man, I don't know if I'm going to be able to get [a Michigan offer].'  But then I got up there and they started looking at me at corner, looking at me in the drills, and then we had some touch football where I did good.  Then the [Michigan] coaches wrote my name down and said ‘hey, you look good out here.'  And so at that point I told myself that no one out here was going to outshine me.  I saw Shane Morris come up there and I didn't know who he was.  I picked him off three times.  I thought, "that's the Michigan commit!" when I found out later who he was.  So I figured I could play at a ‘Michigan level.'   So they just got my name down more and I just started shining more after that."

When he got the offer:

"The first thing I did was call my mom.  When things set in after that I was going to wait a couple of weeks to figure what I was going to do, but me, my mom and my dad prayed about it.  We just figured out what was best for me [and I took it]."

What sticks out for him about Michigan:

"Mostly the tradition.  When I was growing up in Alabama my grandparents, cousins, everybody would go to the same school – it was tradition.  So the tradition, with the winged helmets, Fielding Yost and that big stadium.  I read a book about it --  one of my teachers' sons went to Michigan and she gave me a book about it one day, and I read the whole thing."

Why he wants to study psychology:

"Mainly I've been through a lot of stuff and I like talking to kids and my peers about situations they are in: relationships, parents, divorce … I like helping people out."

On his family background:

"I was born in ColoradoSprings, CO.  Both of my parents were in the Army.  Two years later we moved to Manheim, Germany and my little brother Mahari was born then.  Four years later we moved to Columbia, SC because my dad got stationed there.  A couple years later my mom got deployed to Kuwait.  So we [the brothers] moved down to Alabama with my grandparents and stayed there for two or three years.  Then my parents got stationed in Hawaii – we stayed with our grandparents in Alabama for another year and then we went out there.  Then we came back to Alabama and I was there sixth through ninth grade until my dad got promoted to CW-3 and we moved to North Carolina."

On the involvement of his father in his recruitment, despite currently being deployed in Korea:

"We talk a lot.  To him it wasn't really about football.  He knew I was going to play.  To him it was going to be about who was going to take care of me at school, who was going to take care of his son.  With Michigan he talked to the coaches, they really liked they liked him, and he liked them.

When they first offered me we were in the office with Coach Hoke.  First we called my mom, then we called my dad, and he was like, ‘I'm not worried about football, I'm just worried about who is going to take care of my son.'"

On his faith:

"You know when I went up to Michigan I was praying about that offer, and my mom was praying for me like every day.  And praying for my teammate David Moore too, who is going to Ball State.  I just pray thanking Him for waking me up every day … without Him I wouldn't have my mom, my dad, my little brother.  When I was younger I really didn't think it was an important thing until I got up here and met Uriah LeMay and his parents.  I saw what Christian [LeMay] does, with his faith, and his brothers too – if it helped them it would help me a lot too.  So my faith is really important."


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