'14 NJ TE Dickerson talks U-M visit

The 2014 Bergen Catholic TE/DE already has nine offers (including OSU). He visited U-M for the Northwestern game Saturday—what's going on with him and the Wolverines?

Sam Webb: First, just take me through how the season went for you this past year.

Garrett Dickerson: "It's gone really well. We're 5-3 right now, you know, we start the playoffs this weekend. Our first playoff game is against Notre Dame at home. We've been doing well, but not as well as we've like to be. We had a few slipups in the road but we can't let that stop us. We have to keep moving forward. I've been having a pretty good season. I probably have about 35 tackles right now, I want to say 15 catches for probably 250 yards, three touchdowns, a few fumble recoveries, and that's it – and probably about five sacks."

Sam Webb: Okay so is it tight end and defense defensive end for you?

Garrett Dickerson: "Yes."

Sam Webb: Is there a side of the ball that you like better than the other?

Garrett Dickerson: "No, not at this point. I'm still 50/50 on it."

Sam Webb: Pretend for a second you are a scout or a coach, and you are in the stands, and you are watching Garrett Dickerson on the field. Tell me what you see. Kind of give me a scouting report.

Garrett Dickerson: "I definitely see a player that gives 110% all the time. He never has a down play, or he never takes any plays off. He has a great motor, the kid is always going. I see a smart football player, a player that knows what to do in certain situations, for example, when he's not going to get to the quarterback on a pass rush, he gets his hands up. He has instinct, when he sees a three-step drop, to get his hands up quick, because he knows he's not going to get there. And then on top of that I see a hard worker, someone who is relentless and won't stop until the play is over, and just doesn't believe in losing."

Sam Webb: So what is your height, your weight, and your 40 time right now?

Garrett Dickerson: "I'm 6'4 240-lbs and 4.7."

Sam Webb: Clearly you are heavily recruited guy. At what point did you really start to get a lot of attention? Was it this season? Was it before the season? When did it really pick up for you?

Garrett Dickerson: "I want to say probably during the summer it really started to pick up a lot. Definitely the beginning of the season as well, it really started to pick up. I got some mail during sophomore year. I got a few letters and things like that, but it really started to pick up at the beginning of the season and summer."

Sam Webb: As far as Michigan is concerned, when did you really start hearing from the Wolverines?

Garrett Dickerson: "Probably around the same time as everybody, start getting mail and things like that. They'll come out, they came to visit my school a few times, so relatively towards the beginning of the season. They just said they would be out here again in December to see me."

Sam Webb: Who is coach is it that you've been kind of having the most interaction with thus far from Michigan?

Garrett Dickerson: "Coach Mallory, the cornerbacks coach. He's my recruiter."

Sam Webb: Okay, so what are kind of your early impressions of him?

Garrett Dickerson: "You know, Coach Mallory is a great guy. I got a chance to speak with him again on Saturday, you know, he's a great guy. He's definitely a guy who likes to have fun. He's fired up and he just wants the best for his players."

Sam Webb: You had your first glimpse of Michigan Saturday. Your brother plays for Northwestern right?

Garrett Dickerson: "Yes. He scored his first career touchdown in the game."

Sam Webb: Alright, you were on hand for that. So just give me an overall take on the experience both from the standpoint of being able to watch your brother do his thing, and then of course, from the perspective of a Michigan recruit, what did you think?

Garrett Dickerson: "Well you know getting to see Cameron play was – this wasn't my first time getting to see Cameron play this season, but it's just an honor. It's a blessing that my older brother has the privilege of playing college football in the Big Ten. I'm so fortunate. My family as a whole, we're all so fortunate and blessed that we are given these opportunities and things like that, and I'm happy Cameron is just taking advantage of his opportunities and working hard, and doing what he's supposed to do, so you know, you can get things done."

Sam Webb: Now regarding Michigan… you're obviously a guy they are coveting in 2014. What did you think of atmosphere, the environment, the game… all that?

Garrett Dickerson: "You know, I thought it was great. I thought the stadium was crazy. There were so many people there. I was even getting hyped up. I wanted to go in the game, put some pads on, go in for a few plays. It was definitely a great atmosphere, and that was something that I really like. The people were really great. The coaches were great. I got to speak with some of the players briefly, and they were great people. It was just a very good visit. I had a great time."

Sam Webb: Did they kind of talk to you about which position they like you for?

Garrett Dickerson: "They want me to play tight end."

Sam Webb: Tight end; so did you spend – I know you're watching the entire game, but did you watch the tight ends a little more intently because that's where they're recruiting you?

Garrett Dickerson: "Yes I did. They told me to watch Funchess, I want to say he's number 19."

Sam Webb: Now aside from Coach Mallory, any coaching contacts while you were there that stuck out to you as particularly memorable, or guys that you had extended conversations with other than Coach Mallory?

Garrett Dickerson: "I got to speak with the tight ends coach for, I want to say, about 10-15 minutes. It was great to get to see what type of guy he was, some of his philosophies and how he likes to run things. That was good. That was definitely a conversation I enjoyed."

Sam Webb: Give me kind of a broad view of your recruiting criteria. I don't know what your timeline looks like, but just pretend for a second that you're getting ready to sit down and make a decision. When you do that, what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Garrett Dickerson: "Well I'm definitely going to pick a school where I can get a great education because, you know, my parents always tell me that football ends at some point, and you have to go on the real world and get a job and things like that, and so you can get a job, you have to have a great education, so that's definitely one thing that would stick out. I'm also looking for a family environment. Everybody's tight knit, and that's really it. Just those two things. The education is definitely the most important though."

Sam Webb: I know your brother is a little ways away from home, so maybe there's already an answer to this, but is distance from home going to matter to you at all?

Garrett Dickerson: "No, not at all."

Sam Webb: Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

Garrett Dickerson: "Not really, you know, I've been playing football since first grade so I just love football in general."

Sam Webb: Is Northwestern a lure since your brother is there? Is there a possibility that you guys could be there together at the same time?

Garrett Dickerson: "Maybe, you know, I'm keeping my eyes open. I'm keeping my eyes open to everything. I'm not closing anything out, shutting any school out, so there's a possibility of me going anywhere. I'm just trying to keep my eyes open and keep my choices open at the same time."

Sam Webb: What year is your brother at Northwestern?

Garrett Dickerson: "Cameron is a sophomore. He redshirted last year, so he is a redshirt freshman."

Sam Webb: I mentioned very loosely, timeline. Do you have a game plan for that? Do you want to wait until after your senior season, or before your senior season to make a decision?

Garrett Dickerson: "I'm probably going to have a top ten by this summer. But I probably won't commit until after the season, after my senior season, probably on signing day."

Sam Webb: Lets wrap things up with one final question. In a nutshell, your thoughts on Michigan, and did the experience kind of enhance your view of the Wolverines?

Garrett Dickerson: "You know, I just think Michigan is a great place. It's a great school, and it's very rich in history with its football program, which is a great thing. I guess it kind of gave them a jump ahead of everyone else because I've seen them, I've seen the facilities, I've seen what they have to offer before I've seen everyone else, so I guess it gives them a little bit of a head start."

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