Michigan "Hunt"ing for West Coast OL

With Cal Coach Jeff Tedford getting fired, Michigan is taking a hard look at a 4-star offensive lineman who performed well this summer at The Opening, Cameron Hunt, Scout300's #289 prospect.

Sam Webb: A coaching change can be a jolting thing for a recruit. Was Jeff Tedford's firing something that caught you off guard or were you kind of anticipating something happening?

Cameron Hunt: "I had heard a lot of speculation that he was going to get fired. The crazy thing is I was talking to my position coach the night before he got fired and he was saying his job was secure and was safe. But I guess one of the boosters came up and said he'd buy out (Tedford's) contract. So a lot of things can change in a short period of time. So after that it made me kind of look back and rethink my options. Michigan coming in and a couple of other schools… I'm in a really good situation right now. Whatever college I do pick I can't really go wrong."

Sam Webb: Looks like the Michigan coaches and even some of the recruits are starting to recruit you pretty hard?

Cameron Hunt: "Yeah, I've known Kyle Bosch for a couple of months now and I've been staying in contact with him and Logan (Tuley-Tillman). They're really good guys. I think Michigan had one lineman drop. They want me in there. Coach Funk has been after me and was calling me to see if I was interested. I was. It has only been a good thing so far. I've just got to see where it takes me."

Sam Webb: Before you committed to Cal and originally went through the recruiting process, was Michigan among the schools you considered?

Cameron Hunt: "I think when I committed I really wasn't a well-known prospect nationally. I think I was just a guy that everyone knew on the West Coast. That's why I had a lot of West Coast offers. But then when I went to The Opening I did really well there. I think a lot of schools were interested, but since I committed they just kind of laid off. Since the Tedford firing I've heard from a lot of schools wanting to know if I was interested in them… Michigan being one of them. It was good timing by Michigan. I just have to see how things play out."

Sam Webb: With Michigan being relatively new on your radar, what can you say that you know about Michigan at this point?

Cameron Hunt: "I'm a college football fan, so I know every school, I know about the conferences and everything like that. Michigan is on the top on the Big Ten. It's a great school to go to academically, and if you want to get drafted into the NFL, they put out a lot of players… which is always a positive. The coaching staff coming from San Diego State… it's kind of cool. I'm originally from San Diego. We kind of have a bond from that. Coach Funk is a great guy and I have a good connection with him. I think everything will turn out pretty well."

Sam Webb: Has Michigan talked to you about getting you over on a visit?

Cameron Hunt: "They're coming out (today, Tuesday) for practice, then Coach Funk is going to have a meeting with my parents. Right now we're still in the playoffs, so I don't really know my (visit) schedule. The season could go up to December 14th or somewhere around there. Then after that I have a couple of All Star games I'm playing in. The best time to take a visit might be in January when I have a little bit of free time. If we don't make it all the way to (the state championship game), then I might take one in December. I've just got to play it by ear and really have some time management."

Sam Webb: Has Michigan talked to you at all about a scholarship offer?

Cameron Hunt: "I think that if they weren't interested enough to offer, they wouldn't be talking to me right now or coming out to visit me so soon, or me going out to Michigan. They just want to see how interested I am in them. I think that will happen if I take a visit there… an offer probably will come. "

Sam Webb: What other schools are you really strongly considering right now?

Cameron Hunt: "Strongly still considering Cal because my position coach is still there and one of the main reasons I did commit was because of him. He has strong ties to the NFL, he is a great coach, and I respect him as a man. Right now it is a waiting game. If the new coaches come in and replace him then definitely going to hurt Cal's chances of me still being committed there and going there. The other schools are Oregon and UCLA."

Sam Webb: Have you been to those schools before and have they offered?

Cameron Hunt: "I've been to Cal and UCLA. I haven't been to Oregon, but the Oregon coach came out to practice (Monday) and he said he wants me to take a visit and see how interested I am. He wants me to meet the whole coaching staff and all of that. I think I'm in a good situation. UCLA has offered. Oregon has not yet because I guess their rule is if you commit they don't like to recruit you. So once Tedord got fired they jumped on me real quick and wanted to find out a lot more about me. I think they'll offer me pretty soon."

Sam Webb: Give me an idea what the criteria for your final decision will be. What are going to be the biggest factors in your choice?

Cameron Hunt: "How I connect with the coaches. If you can't trust your coach or you don't have good communication with your coach, you guys are not going to really click when you get to college. If I can connect with the coach, he's a good guy, and I can learn a lot from him… that's one of the main factors for me. Also education, because I come from a family that supports education. My sister is going to be a college grad going to law school. If the NFL doesn't work out then I can still fall back on a Michigan degree, so that's a real big thing."

Sam Webb: What about distance from home? Michigan is the school furthest away. How big of a factor is that going to be?

Cameron Hunt: "I don't think it's a factor of distance, I think it's a factor of how much it snows (laughter). It's not that big of a deal. I'm not going to get homesick or anything like that. It would be tough going away from California, but I could handle it."

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