Michigan Showing interest in BC Commit

The Michigan coaching staff continues to hit the road trying to put the finishes touches on the class of 2013 and recently reached out to a Boston College linebacker commit. Could a visit be in the works?

Every year in the world of college football recruiting there are talented prospects that fly under the radar until one team discovers the ability they possess.  2013 Manchester (CT) High School linebacker, and Boston College commitment, Marquis Little is a part of the latter.

“Boston College literally kind of found him at their camp,” Manchester Head Football Coach Pizzoferrato told GoBlueWolverine. “And good for them that he was kind of under wraps a bit and that, obviously, only lasted for so long.”

Once the Michigan coaching staff got wind of the 6-3, 215-pounder’s game the Wolverines didn’t wait long to get involved.

 “They were interested and asked about his commitment to BC, obviously with the coaching change there that they had at that time,” said Pizzoferrato.  “Then I got a call ten minutes later from Coach Mallory and told me he’d be on a plane that night and be up the next morning. He was here at eight o’clock like he said he would be. We sat down and had a conversation and saw some film and liked what he saw and offered Marquis a chance to come out for an official visit at some point.”

With reports circulating on twitter speculating Michigan had in fact offered a scholarship to Little after visiting his school, Coach Pizzoferrato offered insight into his pupil’s developing relationship with the Maize & Blue.

“Apparently he told Marquis you’re our number one guy that we’re looking at and he mentioned that somebody had a knee injury on the team or a recruit and that opened the door for a scholarship,” said Pizzoferrato. “At that moment that he left here on a Tuesday he was going to get back to us later on that night and speak to Marquis’s mom about getting them out to Michigan.”

“Last communication with him yesterday was, ‘I’m not confirming he got offered a scholarship but I see people asking me if he did.’  He just said we have to talk. I don’t know if it’s an official offer. The text message said ‘things look very good coach and we’ll be in touch real soon.’”

“It’s obviously not an official, ‘Marquis we’re offering you… what’s your decision?’”

Michigan, just like Boston College, made it very clear they’re looking at Little as an athletic, ground covering outside linebacker in their defense. Despite his commitment to the Eagles, Little couldn’t hide his excitement of the out of nowhere interest being shown by the Wolverines.

“When I told him that his eyes opened up,” said Pizzoferrato. “And I know he was really excited. Like I told the coach, any kid would be excited to talk to Michigan and get any kind of recognition from Michigan no matter how small or big it is.”

“There are not a lot of times you hear Michigan being thrown around in Connecticut. I know for Marquis he was genuinely excited. But he’s doing his due diligence in the process. He’s not going to just make a decision just because of who the school name is, he’s going to do what’s best for him and his family first and foremost that’s for sure.”

After getting word Michigan was in the school of one of their commitments, Boston College quickly made a trip to Manchester to try to dissuade Little from making any sudden decisions.

“It didn’t take until about four or five hours that BC was in the door after Michigan left and they will continue to make sure that they’re in here once a week,” said Pizzoferrato. “The athletic director at Boston College assured Marquis and his family that they would have a scholarship offer there.”

“He’s still committed to BC. There’s been no de-commitment, at least as far as I know. I didn’t even know he was communicating as much as he is with Coach Mallory.  According to Marquis there might be a visit scheduled, according to what they talked about last night is possibly some time in January.”

“If there’s nobody retained from the (Boston College) staff that he has a relationship with, I could see him likely taking a trip,” said Pizzoferrato. “If the certain individuals that he has a relationship with are retained, I could see him probably not taking the trip. But again when I heard the January thing, that to me makes it more likely that he would take a trip.”

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for more on Little in the coming weeks.

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