Jackson a Freshman Phenom (with Video)

Detroit Consortium is home to the latest "big thing" in Michigan high school basketball. Standing 6-6 and weighing in at 190-lbs, c/o 2016 forward Josh Jackson is already drawing scholarship offers from high majors across the country. Head coaches from Michigan and Iowa were in the stands Saturday for his team's 55-32 win over Detroit Douglass. So too was GoBlueWolverine.

Sam Webb: It has been the case that there has been a lot of acclaim for you before you ever stepped out on the floor. How was that attention for you and how have you been handling it?

Josh Jackson: “I've been handling it pretty well I think. I got like, a lot of people on my team just helping me out and giving me what to expect.”

Sam Webb: What is it like when you step on the floor? Most freshmen, the other team doesn't know who they are. But they know who you are. Do you feel like they are kind of gunning for you when you step on the floor?

Josh Jackson: “Not really, I take it as a plus. They think it's ‘oh just a freshman and we don't have to worry about him’, but by the time the game starts, then they figure it out.”

Sam Webb: Now after watching YouTube clips, people think it's all about scoring with Josh Jackson. You can do it inside, you can put on the floor, you could shoot the perimeter shot. Today, though, it was your passing that really rose to the fore. Talk about your all-around game, and it seems like you are really focused on getting your teammates involved.

Josh Jackson: “Yeah I like to get my teammates involved, keep everybody happy. Happy team, we win the game, that's it.”

Sam Webb: Talk more about your game. You just kind of described it very broadly, but is there a player in college or the pros that you maybe kind of pattern yourself after? How would you describe yourself?

Josh Jackson: “I hear Kevin Durant a lot. I haven't really paid too much attention to it, but I guess that's what everybody’s saying.”

Sam Webb: Alright, so on this team, obviously you have a guy like Vince Hunter who is a guy that was recruited. Have you sensed that he or some of the guys have taken you under their wing, or has it been a whole team kind of thing?

Josh Jackson: “Yeah it's really been a whole team thing, but Vince especially. I am always with him. He's like my mentor.”

Sam Webb: Alright, so talk to me about the game today. Clearly they have some talent on the other side of the floor. Darrell Davis is a kid that's getting a lot of attention, it was kind of a little tight early, and you guys pulled away. What were the keys to the game for you guys today?

Josh Jackson: “Moving the ball around, we knew they were going to trap the whole game, so everybody had to just move around, not stand in one spot, so we just got the ball around and we got layups.”

Sam Webb: So talk to me about where you guys go from here and where you go individually from here. I know it’s your first game, so it's early in the season. What do you guys need to do going forward?

Josh Jackson: “I think we need to improve on making free throws. I think we are like two for 17 or something, five for 17, yeah, so probably free throws, boxing out and just to stop reaching. We get like, silly fouls.”

Sam Webb: What about you individually? Freshman season, early in your freshman season, still a lot of time for you to improve, but what are some things that you are focused on improving in your own game?

Josh Jackson: “My strength, my jumpshot and my ability to get to the bucket.”

Sam Webb: So let's talk about a little bit off the floor. If we take out your phone or your MP3 player, whatever you store your music on, what are the top songs in rotation for you?

Josh Jackson: “I listen to a lot of Big Sean and Drake, those are probably my favorite two rappers.”

Sam Webb: Alright, so I mean, if we were to look into your movie library, what would be the favorite movie for Josh Jackson?

Josh Jackson: “Favorite movie…probably Friday.”

Sam Webb: What about on the lady side of things? Everybody has a lady that they like to look at, who would be number one… of the famous women, I don't know if you have a girlfriend or not (laughter), I'm talking about famous women, who would be number one on your list?

Josh Jackson: “Probably Meagan Good.”

Sam Webb: It is very very early for you, I know that, but on the recruiting front, there are already colleges showing attention your way. John Beilein was in the crowd, Fran McCaffrey was in the crowd, do you have any scholarship offers on the table already?

Josh Jackson: “Yeah I've got Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue, Notre Dame, Georgetown, it goes on.”

Sam Webb: Wow, so how old were you when you received your first scholarship offer?

Josh Jackson: “I can't remember.”

Sam Webb: So it was before this year?

Josh Jackson: “Yeah.”

Sam Webb: Okay, alright, so have you been to any of these campuses before for any camps or anything like that?

Josh Jackson: “No.”

Sam Webb: so tell me this, any of the schools that you're familiar with, did you grown up a fan of any of these programs? Michigan State, Michigan or anyone like that?

Josh Jackson: “I've always been a fan of Michigan State. Me and my mom go at it, football games, basketball games. She's a Michigan fan.”

Sam Webb: Alright so how did that happen? Your mom's a Michigan fan; how did you become a Michigan State fan?

Josh Jackson: “I guess when, before I was born, it was Michigan… that’s who was always winning.  Then when I started to get into it and watch basketball, football, it was always State winning, so I was always on State’s side.”

Sam Webb: Talk to me about going forward, again, knowing that it's real early… but in talking to Vince and talking to your coach, talking to your mom, what are some of the things they tell you to be on the lookout for as you start to evaluate the schools that are looking at you?

Josh Jackson: “They tell me to look out for like, guys that just want to get a piece of me just because I'm Josh Jackson. And try to get me to look at like things that they have to offer me, not what I have to offer them.”

Sam Webb: What are going to be the factors in that decision.  Whether it's your senior year when you make it or not, what are going to be the big things that play into where you go?

Josh Jackson: “Probably, other players that they get. I always want to play with good players, and of course my mom and dad, so...”

Sam Webb: So is distance from home going to play a factor for you?

Josh Jackson: “No, I'm going to love it.”

Sam Webb: Mamas don't like their babies going far away from home.

Josh Jackson: “My mom does (laughter).”

Sam Webb: What about the fact that you grew up a Michigan State fan, is that going to play a role in your decision?

Josh Jackson: “Yeah of course.”

Sam Webb: Childhood favorite, would you say early on that might be your leader?

Josh Jackson: “Yeah.”

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