2014 Intro: Jon Baker

Michigan was among the schools to drop in on 2014 Millis (MA) OL, Jon Baker earlier this month. The Wolverines have been courting the rising prospect since the spring and the interest in definitely mutual. GoBlueWolverine caught up with Baker recently to discuss the latest in his recruitment, his summer visit to Michigan, his leaderboard, and more.

Sam Webb: Let’s start off first talking about how the season went for you this year.

Jon Baker: “Our team did pretty good, but we lost in the first round of the playoffs.  Personally I had a pretty good year.”

Sam Webb: I know you play offensive guard.  Do you play any defense at all?

Jon Baker: “I do… I play nose.”

Sam Webb: Is your future definitely along the offensive line?

Jon Baker: “I think so.”

Sam Webb: Tell me a little about your game?  How would you describe yourself on the football field?

Jon Baker: ““I’m 6-3, 300. I’m physical.  That’s what our team is all about.  We’re small, but we’re tough and we try to be as physical as we can be.”

Sam Webb: As far recruiting goes, what schools have offered you scholarships?

Jon Baker: “So far Boston College, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Harvard.”

Sam Webb: I know you made it up to Michigan this summer.  Where did your interest in the Wolverines come from?

Jon Baker: “My coach is somehow connected to someone that went there.  They came out one day and showed some interest in me, then I went out there and I loved it. It was kind of a junior day type thing.  It was a tour of the school and a cookout with the coaches.” 

Sam Webb: If you could single out a few things that stood out to you the most while you were in Ann Arbor, what would they be?

Jon Baker: “I definitely liked the whole atmosphere of Ann Arbor.  I really liked that.  I loved all of the coaches and the sense of family they were able to create.”

Sam Webb: What are you initial impressions of your primary recruiter, Curt Mallory?

Jon Baker: “I really like him.  He’s great.  He comes out every now and then when he is in the area. I met his family when I was up there.  He is just a great guy.”

Sam Webb: Has Michigan talked to you at all about a scholarship yet?

Jon Baker: “A little bit.  I think they’re still kind of waiting to see what they need on the offensive line and if I’ll fit into that. Then we’ll kind of go from there.”

Sam Webb: What other schools have you taken visits to?

Jon Baker: “Last summer I also went down to the University of Virginia and the University of North Carolina. I went out to all of the local schools… BC, UMASS, UCONN because they’re close.  And on the way to Michigan I stopped at Ohio State for a camp.”

Sam Webb: What was the camp experience at Ohio State like?

Jon Baker: “I really didn’t meet anyone in particular.  It was just more of a camp.  I didn’t see much either.”

Sam Webb: Who are some of the other schools that haven’t offered yet, but like Michigan are showing a lot of interest?

Jon Baker: “I’ve talked to Stanford a couple of times, North Carolina I’ve talked to a lot, and I deal a little bit with Alabama.”

Sam Webb: Let’s talk recruiting in general.  Let’s pretend you’re getting ready to sit down to make your decision… what are going to be the most significant factors in that choice?

Jon Baker: “It’s really just one thing actually… the fit.  Just going out to a school and seeing how I feel there, how I feel with the coaches.  That’s more what it’s about for me… not about location or anything like that.”

Sam Webb: Really? So distance won’t be a factor for you or your family?

Jon Baker: “No not really.  I’m sure my mom would be pretty happy if I ended up at a school like BC, which is 40 minutes down the road, but I think in the end she will be happy wherever I end up.”

Sam Webb: What about timeline?  Have you guys talked about when you want to have your decision made?

Jon Baker: “Not really.  Just kind of when it feels right I’m going to make my decision and just go from there.”

Sam Webb: Have you determined yet what you’re going want to major in?

Jon Baker: “I’m thinking pre-med right now.”

Sam Webb: As far as visits are concerned, do you anticipate making it out to many more campuses over the next few months, or is that something that is going to wait until the summer?

Jon Baker: “Probably wait until the summer.  I might take a trip to Harvard or UCONN because they’re close.  I went to a game at UCONN, but I haven’t been able to see the campus yet.  So maybe close, but I’m not going to get anywhere really out of the state or New England or until the summer.”

Sam Webb: At this early stage of your recruitment, have any schools started to stick out for you?

Jon Baker: “Not really.  Not yet.”

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