UM Makes Another Strong Impression on Holmes

2014 Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas receiver Corey Holmes followed up his June U-M camp experience with a visit to an Outback Bowl practice. GBW's Sam Webb spoke to Holmes about things... including the two schools that stand out early for him.

Sam Webb: Your dad told me that you made it my Michigan's practice. I know you couldn't talk to the coaches, but outside of that, what was the experience like?

Corey Holmes: "I think (the visit) was Tuesday. It was great just getting the feel of a real college practice. It was my first time going to a college practice, so it was really interesting. Due to the weather they got moved inside the gym and everything, but it was cool just to see all the guys. I was watching the offense in particular, and it was fun watching them... like what plays they were doing and all that kind of stuff, taking a look at what the receivers were doing and everything. I got to look at the defense for a little bit too. I just wanted to look at everything, wanted to take it all in."

Sam Webb: What players, if any, did you get a chance to talk to?

Corey Holmes: "Yeah, I talked to Denard Robinson a little bit. I got to talk to Funchess, the tight end. Those two I talked to for a little bit."

Sam Webb: Had you met them when you were up in Ann Arbor, or was this kind of the first time you got a chance to talk to them?

Corey Holmes: "Denard I had met when I was up for camp, but Funchess, I met him for the first time."

Sam Webb: Take me through your season. How did everything go for you on the football field this past year?

Corey Holmes: "This past year went great! We ended the year with the state championship victory, and that was our goal from the start... from when we started all the way in February. When we started out in winter workouts our goal was to get to the state championship, and win, and that's what we did. Me personally, of course I wanted a good year, but my goal, as well as everybody else on the team, was the state championship. I did pretty well statistically. I had 28 catches for 509 yards and five touchdowns, so I was successful, in the state game it couldn't have gone any better. I had four catches for 168 yards and a touchdown. I was doing really well the whole season."

Sam Webb: With recruiting, before the season you were already getting a lot of attention from colleges with scholarship offers and the like. What about now? Where does your scholarship tally stand?

Corey Holmes: "Right now, I have eleven offers. I have Notre Dame, Michigan, Florida, Florida State, Rutgers, USF, UCF, Syracuse, Houston, Wisconsin, and Louisiana Lafayette."

Sam Webb: I know you made it to Michigan; I know you made it to Notre Dame. Which of those other schools did you get a chance to visit, say during the year?

Corey Holmes: "I made it up to a UCF game, so I had one like, unofficial visit to UCF. That's really the only school. In January I'm planning on going to Rutgers, and maybe during the spring going up to Syracuse to watch a couple practices, or something like that."

Sam Webb: Through it all I know you are working very hard to stay open-minded in this process, but through all of the recruiting and interaction with coaches, have any of them... be it coaches or schools in general... started to stick out with you?

Corey Holmes: "Notre Dame and Michigan, those two school have definitely been the schools that have stayed in touch with me the most. I talk to Tony Alford from Notre Dame very often, and (at Michigan), Chris Singletary, Jerry Montgomery, Jeff Hecklinski... I talk to them very often. So I'd say those two schools are sticking out to me when it comes to communication and everything."

Sam Webb: So give me an update on where you are physically. I know you've really been training pretty hard. Corey Holmes today... height, weight, and 40 time... what would you say those are?

Corey Holmes: "6-2, 175-lbs, and I run a 4.4."

Sam Webb: I recall talking to both you and your dad at length previously about what your process would be like... what your timeline would be like. Have you guys kind of gotten more specific about how you would like it to play out? Do you want to get something done before your senior season, after your senior season? How do you want it to go?

Corey Holmes: "Yeah, I still haven't concluded on that yet. I'm still not sure if I want to wait until after senior season, or before, not sure. It all depends on how many times I get to visit all the schools who are really looking at me and stuff, so yeah, I would say I'm not sure yet."

Sam Webb: What about this, in your conversations with Michigan, it sounds like you've had a great deal of interaction with them. What have they said to you about what your role would be? Would they want you to come in and play right away? What's Michigan's vision for Corey Holmes?

Corey Holmes: "Yeah, I mean, the coaches told me I would definitely have the opportunity to play early. It's all in how I take advantage of the opportunity, so it would be all up to me how early I want to play, and how much of a role I play in the offense."

Sam Webb: So is that a big factor for you? I mean, I guess the better question is, what are the factors going to be when you sit down with your family, and you come up with a final decision? What are going to be the things that kind of play into that choice?

Corey Holmes: "I'm definitely going to be looking at if the school is a good school academically. I'll be looking at that, and I'll be looking at – I want to be part of a football program with good coaches, coaches who care about their players. I want to be a part of a team that has good teammates in general, guys who look out for each other. I'm looking at – like we mentioned, early playing time. I'd like to go to a school where I wouldn't be sitting the bench for about two years before I get a shot at playing, or anything like that. Yeah, all those thing are definitely factors when it comes to making my decision."

Sam Webb: Last one for you. Clearly, you're getting recruited all over the country. I guess, as time has gone on – at the time when we talked in the summer, you said distance wasn't a factor, but as time has gone on, has that changed? Do you think that distance is going to wind up being somewhat of a factor for you, or is it not really going to play into things?

Corey Holmes: "No, it's not really going to play into anything. I'm just trying to go to the school that's going to prepare me for life the best. Just looking at the most important things, and distance wouldn't really be an issue."

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