Dawson Working "Every Day" on Green

Michigan's 'newest commitment' David Dawson talks to Sam Webb about his recommitment, his future teammates - and about Derrick Green.

Sam Webb: Let's back up a little bit… you played the entire season with a stress fracture in your foot? How limiting was that for you this year?

David Dawson: "You know, some plays, there were certain plays that I couldn't run, and I couldn't really move out in space on the screen, so you know, when it bothered me, I just moved in to guard, and we put our young guy in, but I mean, I played through it, so it wasn't that limiting."

Sam Webb: So talk about out here. Obviously, you look 100%, look like you're ready to go out here competing. How have things been going for you on the football field in your mind?

David Dawson: "The first day, you know, I was a little off. I was just trying to get a feel for everything. But you know, like the coaches said, the last two days I picked it up; I know what the D-lineman we've been going against are going to do, so I'm trying to stop that, and I've picked it up a lot."

Sam Webb: Even on day one, it looked like in one on one situations, anyway, you were doing your thing like you always do. It was more picking up the offense. I heard the coach at one point say ‘just play football'. What was he talking about on that?

David Dawson: "On one play, it's like a toss, and I'm supposed to look for the Sam, but the Mike shot the gap, so I didn't see him, I just went out for the Sam, so I should have picked up the Mike, but I was just going by what the play said, but I understood what he said, though."

Sam Webb: As far as being out here with so many guys, I've seen you on the line next to Patrick Kugler, you've been on the line with Logan out there. What has it been like to line up with some of your future teammates?

David Dawson: "It's been cool, because they put Pat at center, so I've been at guard, so we have a little chemistry right there, you know? Logan was on the left side, so I didn't really get to work with him, but those guys have a lot of skill."

Sam Webb: So now, like I said, since last time we talked on camera, you came back in the Michigan fold. It was clear that you had a lot on your mind. You were going through a lot, you talked to the coaches about that. Just take us through that whole sequence of events. How did you come back to the conclusion that Michigan was where you wanted to be, and when did you realize that you were going to re-commit?

David Dawson: "I realized that Michigan was where I wanted to be, probably I would say like a week or two after my Florida visit. I thought about it, and I was like, man, I really don't want to leave the state, so that's when I threw in Michigan State, and I tried to throw in Ohio State, just to stay close, but I was like, I might as well go somewhere that's going to win, and I get a great education, so I talked to my mom, and I talked to Coach Wilcher… we sat down and talked for a long time, and then I got the chance to talk to Coach Jackson, Coach Hoke, and Coach Funk, and they understood where I was coming from, and they accepted me back, so that was a great thing."

Sam Webb: Alright, so you're one of the biggest recruiters in the recruiting class. You're out there recruiting guys as hard as anybody. You have a teammate in the fold now, Delano Hill. Tell us about what Delano brings to the table.

David Dawson: "Delano, you know, he runs a 4.43, he ran that out in Oregon. He's physical, has good ball skills, and we just play, you know, he's coming out of Cass, he's going to play."

Sam Webb: There's a guy over in San Antonio that shouted you out; said that you were his "guy" in this class; said that he talks to you a lot. He's the number two running back in the country, said he needs some linemen in front of him, and that you're one of the guys that he's looking at. So tell us about Derrick Green, tell us about what you've been saying to him, and what kind of a shot does Michigan really have at Derrick Green?

David Dawson: "I think we have a good shot. Like he said over there in San Antonio, we talked every day. I might send him a few texts; he might send me a couple back. He might call, you know, we talk a lot, and he's a great guy, off the field and on the field, so I think if we pick him up, that's really going to help our recruiting class. Number two running back, I think he should be number one, but you know."

Sam Webb: Did he tell you that Michigan is the top school on his list? That's what he said out there. Has he told you that yet?

David Dawson: "I mean, if he said it, then yeah."

Sam Webb: So what's left? What do you have to do? What does Dave Dawson have to do? What does Michigan have to do to get Derrick Green in the fold?

David Dawson: "I mean, just keep talking to him and wait. He has the ball in his hand right, so you know, let him do his thing, and when it's time for him to make his decision, we just hope he picks up the block M."

Sam Webb: Let's get back to you. You play tackle, you play guard. I've seen you at guard out here. What is Michigan talking to you about? Where are you going to line up for them?

David Dawson: "Actually, a couple days before I came out here I called Coach Funk, and we talked about where I might play. He's saying either guard, or he said, even with my skill set, I can play outside. He just wants to see me do a little bit more agility work this off season, just come up there ready to compete, and there's going to be a lot of spots up in the air. Any spot is up in the air as long as you come to work, so guard or tackle."

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