Hunt Attracted to Michigan (w/video)

Michigan is making a strong push to land Corona (CA) Centennial offensive lineman Cameron Hunt, and the Wolverines are getting a great deal of help from their commitments in courting him. The three-star lineman chatted with GBW recently about his connection with Kyle Bosch and Patrick Kugler, his leaderboard, and more.

Sam Webb: One of the things that coaches and scouts have said about you is that you are extremely athletic, quick. You did extremely well getting to the second and third level of the offense. Is that kind of a staple of your game, mobility?

Cameron Hunt: “Yeah, definitely that, and I think the way I play with a nasty streak, so the athleticism and nasty streak really helps me out, and when I get bigger and stronger it’s definitely going to still be a part of (what makes me) a good football player.”

Sam Webb: When you say you feel like you personally struggled a bit, what aspects of your game did you feel like you were struggling in?

Cameron Hunt: “I mean, just a little bit of technique things I just need to fix up. Nothing too big, but you know, just leaning a little too much forward, and catching me off guard, so just have to fix that up before the game, and I’ll be good.”

Sam Webb: Let’s talk recruiting for a bit. We know you’re committed to Cal, but hearing from a lot of other schools, considering a lot of other schools. What schools are definitely in contention for Cameron Hunt right now?

Cameron Hunt: “Right now, Cal, Oregon, Michigan, and Ohio State, so those four right now are the ones I’m really looking at.”

Sam Webb: So let’s talk about Michigan; very clear that you’ve established a little bit of a rapport with Darrel Funk. Let’s talk about where things stand with Michigan right now, and what you think of the Wolverines.

Cameron Hunt: “I mean, Michigan is a great school, great football tradition, so I’m really looking forward to visiting out there next week, and one of my friends, Kyle Bosch, is going to be hosting me and one of the other players, so it’s going to be a really good time, and hopefully I get to build a relationship with the coaching staff a little bit more, and see where we go from there.”

Sam Webb: I’ve seen you line up to Patrick Kugler quite a bit during practice this week. Have you guys kind of gotten to know each other a little bit?

Cameron Hunt: “Yeah, I mean, he’s a cool guy, and I wouldn’t mind playing next to him in college, so it’s a great opportunity to meet new people, and I’m looking forward to it. "

Sam Webb: Now, you said you play with a little bit of a nasty streak. That guy plays with a little bit of a nasty streak too. Have you kind of noticed that about him?

Cameron Hunt: “Yeah, he’s a good player, comes from a good offensive line family, so I mean, playing next to him would definitely make you a lot better.”

Sam Webb: Now, you mentioned that you’re going to visit Michigan. Do you have your final visits kind of set up already? Your visit schedule?

Cameron Hunt: “Yeah. Visiting Michigan next week, so that will be the 11th, and then the 18th I’ll be at Oregon, and then the following week I’ll be at Cal.”

Sam Webb: Obviously, you said Michigan is a good school, but what about the program do you know at this point? What about the program do you like at this point, even if it’s the coaching staff that you’ve had a chance to interact with?

Cameron Hunt: “I mean, they have the most wins in college football history, so how can you beat that? And the amount of players they put in the League is just ridiculous, so that’s always a huge plus, so that’s really what’s attracted me to Michigan.”

Sam Webb: What has your connection with Coach Funk been like so far?

Cameron Hunt: “Real good, I mean, we met through Kyle Bosch, and he’s still a real great guy, so just getting to know him more, and knowing the offensive coordinator, and hopefully talk to Brady Hoke a little bit more too.”

Sam Webb: What about factors in your decision? When you make that choice, what are they going to be? I mean, a place like Michigan, place like Ohio State… those places are far away from home. Is that going to be a factor for you?

Cameron Hunt: “It is a little bit of a factor, but I mean, what I need to do is find out what’s the best situation for me. I mean, if that’s not on the West Coast, and it’s in the Midwest or the east coast, then I’m going to go with that. So definitely that, and academics is going to play into it, and so going to a good academic school is really big for me, and how I fit into the program.”

Sam Webb: Toughest question for you, Cam. Who’s your leader?

Cameron Hunt: “I’d like to say, but I don’t even know right now. Three schools are about tied for right now, but –“

Sam Webb: Who are those three schools?

Cameron Hunt: “Cal, Oregon, and Michigan.”

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