U-M adjusting, running efficiently (w/video)

Michigan is set to host Nebraska Wednesday night at Crisler Center, and will have to prepare for yet another different style of play. But if all goes as planned, that won't matter.

Michigan's ability to create easy buckets, especially in transition, is a major reason the Wolverines are off to the second best start in program history at 15-0.

Sunday, after Iowa gave Michigan some trouble in the early going, the Wolverines got back to their running ways, eventually blowing out the young and talented Hawkeyes, 95-67.

As Michigan prepares to host 9-6 Nebraska Wednesday night at Crisler Center, the Cornhuskers will look to limit fast break points and extend possessions in an attempt to slow down the game, and the Wolverines dangerous open floor attack.

"That's part of basketball," said Beilein. "You've got to be able to adjust and not get frustrated because they're not the only ones that are going to do this either in this league or in the country. You have to, no matter who they're playing, they're going to minimize possessions for both teams and that maximizes some teams chances to win, they believe."

"If that's a strategy they use again we have to adapt."

Nebraska boasts three impressive scorers in their own right with guards Ray Gallegos and Dylan Talley, as well as senior forward Brandon Ubel, who all average over 12 points per game.

Despite the offensive efficiency, the Cornhuskers won't be looking to beat the Wolverines in a running match, although that's exactly what Michigan will continue trying to do.

"I think that we want to get it down there as quickly as we can," said Beilein. "That's the best time to attack people, in transition. As long as you value your possession -- I thought we ran very well with only six turnovers. That's the down side is you have more possessions, you could have more turnovers, the faster you run the more careless you could be."

"We were pretty good at that the other day. I think we still want to run hard every time. Certainly if people put five guys back that's a little harder to run on but you still can run on it."

To watch video of Beilein's press conference from Tuesday, press play below.

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