Fri PM Update: Evermore on UM stops this week

Michigan coaches are on the road ... here's 35+ key stops - and that's just so far this week. Wed. PM: tracking Coach Borges, and North Carolina. Thu AM: U-M Marches into Maryland. Thu PM: New Jersey. *Fri PM: More on VA, and PA, QB offers, and Grand Rapids Christian.*

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Coaching stops...

*More* - Virginia Stops

More#2 - Chicago.

More#3 - in the D.

More#4 - another Chicagoan.

More#5 - yet another Chicagoan.

Wed PM: Michigan drops in on stud Colorado athlete...

Wed. PM: tracking Coach Borges

Wed. PM North Carolina Thu AM: U-M Marches into Maryland

*Thu PM: Jersey*

Fri PM: more in VA, and PA.

Fri PM: more on QBs.

Fri PM: Drake Harris.

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