Wolverines Drop in On Marshall

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke stopped at Southfield (Mich.) High for their junior defensive end Lawrence Marshall today. He talked about the interest the Wolverines are showing him, and the other schools in contention for his services.

The recruiting train rolling through Southfield High School to check in on Lawrence Marshall just keeps picking up steam. With Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State all trying to one-up each other on the intensity scale, the star 2014 defensive end has seen his recruitment reach a fevered pitch.

"The top three are (as far as recruiting him the hardest) are Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State," said Marshall.

"It is crazy how hard (Ohio State) is on me. They came through (Tuesday). It's like literally everybody up there. The d-line coach is on me hard, Coach Coombs is on me hard, Coach Meyer hard. They are showing me a lot of love up there. Coach Coombs came in this Tuesday. Last Tuesday, Coach Meyer came down."

As for Michigan, the 6'3, 215-lb Marshall said, "It's Coach Jackson and Coach Singletary. Coach Brady Hoke made it up there today. You can't really talk to them when they're up there… it's just like a hi and bye type thing. He left a message for me that he wants me to come up there tomorrow for a basketball game, so I'm going to go up to Michigan tomorrow for the (Purdue) game. (Michigan) is showing me a lot of love too."

Michigan State is coming tomorrow. It will be Coach Dantonio. I went up to MSU like two weeks ago and the defensive coordinator, Coach Pat and the d-line coach were like, when are you going to commit to Michigan State? I just told them I've opted to take my time with it. I've got to sleep on it."

The commitment topic has been fairly prevalent with all three Big Ten suitors. That said, the only thing Marshall is willing to commit to at the moment is his plan to remain patient in his recruitment.

"Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State basically all say the same stuff," he said laughingly. "They talk to me about (committing) all the time. I just tell them I'm going to take my time. I'm just taking it one day at a time. I just remember that I'm a (Southfield) Blue Jay first at the end of the day."

Marshall still claims no favorites and plans to remain open to any program that decides to show interest. However, there is one program that might move the meter a tad if it decides to enter the fray.

"This (recruiting) is crazy," he said. "It's just the fact that everybody likes me… it's a great feeling right now. I'm still looking for that USC offer. That would change the game a lot. It's one of my favorite schools. If I get that offer, it'll be a great feeling."

Don't look for a quick decision if the Trojans do come calling. He said they be another school that would receive very strong consideration and almost certainly a visit. For the time being, he is focused on visiting the schools that already have offered. Tomorrow's visit to Ann Arbor will be the first of many road trips he takes in the coming weeks.

"I'm going to Ohio State next month, Michigan next month… I'm going to make a whole lot of trips next month. One of the things I'm going to do when I go on my visits is, I'm going to talk to the players and see what they're really about."

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