Embry's Stock on the Rise

2014 Detroit King DB/WR, Jalen Embry was one of the top performers at the Army junior combine earlier this month, and now attention from big time suitors is on the rise. Michigan is among those stepping up the recruiting intensity, and the interest is definitely mutual.

Sam Webb: How did things end up going for you down there at the combine?

Jalen Embry: “Actually, everything went great. You know, I was the 4th top person that had the fastest time in the 40. I was the top DB down there, and I won first team all-class.”

Sam Webb: You said your 40 time was the best; what did you end up running?

Jalen Embry: “A 4.7.”

Sam Webb: But that was electronic though, right?

Jalen Embry: “Right.”

Sam Webb: Do you remember what your vertical was?

Jalen Embry: “31 ½.“

Sam Webb: And what about height and weight?

Jalen Embry: “5’11”, 184. My shuttle time was a 4.16.”

Sam Webb: As far as recruiting goes, I know you had a big season on both sides of the ball, really.  What are schools saying to you about position? Are they mostly saying DB, or are they saying receiver?

Jalen Embry: “Actually, honestly, a lot of teams are saying receiver, but big teams like Ohio State and Northern Illinois told me to play DB.”

Sam Webb: Do you have a preference? What do you want to play?

Jalen Embry: “Honestly, whatever the coach needs me to play, I’ll play it.”

Sam Webb: Take me back through the season. From your perspective, how do you think the season went for you? Kind of break down your stats and everything.”

Jalen Embry: “In the beginning, it was tough, but towards the third game of the season everything was working for me. I ended the season with eight total touchdowns, 883 yards, 5 interceptions, and 26 tackles.”

Sam Webb: Obviously the spotlight is on you. Since then, which schools have offered you scholarships so far?

Jalen Embry: “Actually, none have offered me, but Toledo plans to offer me on the 26th, on junior day.”

Sam Webb: I know a number of colleges have been making it by King to check you out. Can you name some off the top of your head?

Jalen Embry:Pittsburgh, Iowa, U-Mass, Michigan, Northern Illinois, Penn State, and that’s about it off the top of my head.”

Sam Webb: What about Michigan State?

Jalen Embry: “Oh, Michigan State, they were up there I would say a couple months ago, that was about it. But they have been sending me letters.”

Sam Webb: So the in-state schools, what’s Michigan been saying to you; what’s Michigan State been saying to you?

Jalen Embry: “Michigan wants me to play DB. They plan on giving me a visit soon, I think in February; and Michigan State just wants me to keep getting bigger, getting faster, and they’ll look at my practice in the season.”

Sam Webb: Who are you kind of talking to from each school… Are there particular coaches, or is it a bunch of them? Who are you talking to at Michigan, for instance?

Jalen Embry: “Coach Mallory from Michigan.”

Sam Webb: What’s the early vibe like with him? What do you think of Coach Mallory?

Jalen Embry: “Actually, he’s a great guy. I can trust him; I can see myself playing for him and everything. I think he’s a very coachable coach, you know, I can trust him to coach me to get better and play at the next level.”

Sam Webb: What about Michigan State? Who are you in contact with there, and what’s the vibe like with him?

Jalen Embry: “I can’t really think of his name. He’s the receiver coach though.”

Sam Webb: Coach Samuel?

Jalen Embry: “Samuel, yeah, that’s what it is. He’s really cool. I talked to him when I went on a visit to Michigan State, and he’s a pretty upfront guy. I haven’t really gotten that trust with him yet, but hopefully I plan on doing so soon.”

Sam Webb: You mentioned that you’ve been up to Michigan State. When was that, and have you been to Michigan? Have you been up there too?

Jalen Embry: “No, I haven’t been up to Michigan yet, but I have been to Ohio State, when they played Michigan, and that was a very exciting game. I have been to Michigan State, when they played Ohio State.”

Sam Webb: Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

Jalen Embry: “Ohio State.”

Sam Webb: So you’re a Buckeye, man, you and Damon Webb, you’re Buckeye fans. How did that happen?

Jalen Embry: “I don’t even know, you know, I just like that red, and I like Urban Meyer.”

Sam Webb: What kind of love is Ohio State showing you so far?

Jalen Embry: “They’re showing me great love. The coaches really like me, they said they looked at my film a lot, and they plan on bringing the whole coaching staff up to King to evaluate me and everything.”

Sam Webb: Damon Webb, does him being there add to the appeal, or is that not really a factor for you?

Jalen Embry: “Honestly, that’s not really a factor. Whoever they bring in is good, you know, I’m just there to make the team better.”

Sam Webb: Let’s assume it’s down the line, and you’re getting ready to make a decision. What are going to be the big factors in that choice?

Jalen Embry: “They have to have a good football program. They have to have great academics. Schoolwork is first. Honestly, I can’t really say anything right now, but that’s about it, honestly.”

Sam Webb: You said you like Urban Meyer, and they’re showing you great love. Who are you in contact with most from the Buckeyes?

Jalen Embry: “Coach Kerry Coombs.”

Sam Webb: So you have a little vibe with Coach Coombs, too, huh?

Jalen Embry: “Yeah, he’s good. He’s really funny. I like that intensity he brings in the locker room.”

Sam Webb: Are you and Carl Fuller, are you kind of looking to go to the same school, or is that not something you’re talking about?

Jalen Embry: “No, that’s not something we’re talking about, but me and Avonte Maddox plan on going to the same school.” 

Sam Webb: Are the same schools looking at you that are looking at Avonte too?

Jalen Embry: “Yes sir.”

Sam Webb: What about timeline? Do you want to wait until after your senior season? Do you want to get it done before? How do you want to do that?

Jalen Embry: “Honestly, I’m just trying to get offers as quick as I can, and as much as I can. I’m interested in a lot of schools, if they’re interested in me. “

Sam Webb: Does that mean that you want to have a decision made in the summer, or the spring.  When would you like to make a decision by?

Jalen Embry: “End of the football season.

Sam Webb: Do you have a favorite at this point?

Jalen Embry:Miami… the U.”

Sam Webb: You didn’t mention them before.  What has the U so high on your list?

Jalen Embry: “They haven’t really been recruiting me yet, but hopefully, I plan on working hard and getting better to get them to recruit me.

Sam Webb: So you have a favorite… What about a top five?

Jalen Embry: “Miami, Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan, and Northern Illinois.”

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