OT Brock Ruble talks recruiting, Michigan

The massive '14 Maryland Offensive Tackle likes the Michigan tradition at OT ... and one guy in particular. He tells Sam Webb about it.

Sam Webb: Take me back through your season. How did it go?

Brock Ruble: "Well, We came second in our conference, so we didn't – our main goal was not achieved, so that was disappointing, and we're all working really hard to make sure that doesn't happen again, but on an individual level this year was great for me. This being really my first year of playing varsity football and starting, I feel like I did really well, I believe. It was overall a good year in that sense."

Sam Webb: Give me an idea of your height, your weight, and what position along the line did you play?

Brock Ruble: "I'm 6'9", 310-lbs, and I played left tackle."

Sam Webb: People probably ask you a lot, but what made you choose football as your sport as opposed to basketball? I know you play on the basketball team, but what makes you more of a football guy than a basketball guy?

Brock Ruble: "My body chose the sport for me (Laughter). I tell that to a lot of people because not a lot of basketball players you see running around at 310-lbs, and if you do, they're not 6'9"… they're like 7', so just my body kind of decided which sport I was going to end up playing."

Sam Webb: 6'9" on the football field, a lot of coaches look at that and say ‘will he be able to bend? Will he be able to play with leverage?' There's a guy that played professionally in your area, Jonathan Ogden that was able to do those things. Do coaches or scouts talk to you about or compare you to him?

Brock Ruble: "I think it's a little too early for comparisons like that, being my first year, but one thing that my coaches really did make me do is they made me bend… they made get into my stance and get low, coming off the ball low, stuff like that. So being 6'9", you do have to work harder to get low, but it's something that I do pretty well for as big as I am."

Sam Webb: Rather than comparing you someone, just describe your game for me in your own words.

Brock Ruble: "Well I watch myself on film a lot. I would say that I am a – obviously I'm a big guy, you know, physical. I have good feet, and I have long arms, and I'm very good at pass protecting, and I have good feet so that helps me pull when I do that."

Sam Webb: As far as recruiting is concerned, it's clear that you're a guy that Michigan is looking at. When did Michigan come by your school, and what other coaches have been by to check you out?

Brock Ruble: "I don't know the exact date when Michigan came by, but I know they came by last week. Other schools that have visited me are Tennessee, Florida State, Florida, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Rutgers, just certain schools like that, and there are a couple others that when it comes to offers and stuff, that haven't stopped by."

Sam Webb: What schools have offered you so far?

Brock Ruble: "West Virginia, Pitt, Rutgers, U-Conn, NC State, Virginia Tech, and Virginia."

Sam Webb: With regard to Michigan, I don't know how frequently you've spoken with them, but have they talked to you at all about where they are in the offer process?

Brock Ruble: "No, they have not talked to me about that subject, but mostly when they stop by if they see you, they can just say hi, see how things are going, and that's it."

Sam Webb: I know your interaction with Michigan is in its early stages, but do you have any current knowledge of Michigan, the program, the school?

Brock Ruble: "A little bit. Jake Long, the left tackle for the Dolphins, is my favorite offensive lineman in the NFL. He's someone I watch every Sunday, because he's tall, and stuff like that. I try to model my game after him a little bit. I know Woodson from Green Bay, I know he went there. I know the team is huge, and I know that Michigan plays in one of the better conferences in America."

Sam Webb: Ok, you told me the schools that are looking at you. At this very early point in your recruitment, who do you kind of like? Which schools are you kind of highlighting at the moment?

Brock Ruble: "I talked to my parents, and we kind of came up with a thing that I wasn't going to do any of this until I started visiting schools, because you never know which school you're really going to end up liking, so me and my parents made a decision that this spring and summer we'll be visiting colleges, and then around that time, we'll be making some sort of list of what my top colleges are."

Sam Webb: Do you have an idea of which schools you're going to visit? I know a full list is probably yet to be determined, but do you have an idea at least which ones you know for sure are going to be on the list of schools you make it to?

Brock Ruble: "The ones that we're trying to make room for right away are the ones that have offered me. Then after that, it's just if I'm invited to somewhere, if it lines up with the schedule, and the summer workouts for the football team, it's all that combined."

Sam Webb: Pretend for a second that we are past the visit stage. You visited all the schools that you want to visit, you have all the offers that you want to have, and that you've come up with your list. Once you've done all that, what are going to be the most significant factors in your final choice?

Brock Ruble: "I want to have a really good relationship with the coach, not only the head coach but the offensive coordinator, and the offensive line coach. Of course I'm going to have to like the feel of the campus and stuff like that. Academics are important in my family, so when it comes to what my major is going to be, that will be important. I think that's about it."

Sam Webb: Have you and your parents talked about your timeline for making a decision?

Brock Ruble: "We'll be waiting until after my senior season. We don't want to rush into any decisions."

Sam Webb: You laid out your factors, and one thing you didn't really mention was distance. Should I take that to mean distance from home won't be a factor for you?

Brock Ruble: "Distance from home will not be that much of a factor. I just want to have a really good relationship with the coaches, and have a good feel for the campus, and of course, like I said, academics are important."

Sam Webb: What about scheme? You have pro-style schools and spread schools that are recruiting you. Is there a particular style of offense that you prefer over the other?

Brock Ruble: "Not really. I mean, no I can't say I prefer one over the other."

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