Green Talks About His Decision (w/video)

Derrick Green talks about his Michigan visit, about making the decision yesterday morning, about playing OSU with his former teammate there, more. **with video interview**

Derrick Green: "That's what I look for the most in a school, what kind of offense they're going to run and like I said, with Michigan going back to a pro style, that's definitely me all the way, so it was definitely just the best decision."

Question: How happy are you to put this behind you? It's been two years of everybody asking you where you're going to go.

Derrick Green: "I'm pretty excited. When I was on stage, I was a little nervous and had the jitters but it felt like a load off my back now that I made my commitment and I'm glad I did."

Question: You mentioned that you ultimately made this decision this morning, who kind of like, helped you guide you through this process?

Derrick Green: "My parents all the way. My parents are the backbone to my support system. I couldn't have made this decision without them. I talked to them last night. Like I said, I prayed on it and with their help and guidance, Michigan just was the place for me."

Question: How big of an impact was it for you when you went to the Big House and you hear the fans all chanting your name? Is that a memory you kept in the back of your head through this whole process?

Derrick Green: "Oh it was man, it was unbelievable. That was the first time that ever happened—when I went out there and the crowd started chanting my name during the game, that's when I really felt the love from the Michigan fans; and that was just a great experience for me."

Question: Curtis Grant is a Buckeye. He's now your rival. He was kind of your mentor in this process, talk about that.

Derrick Green: "Me and Curtis, when we grew up, we were like little brother, big brother, and like I said, he's at the rival school, so hopefully we get to play against each other, and Michigan's going to do definitely come out with that W."

Question: Your hope, as you said, is to go in there and get some playing time. Just elaborate on that and how you hope to be seeing the field pretty significantly in your freshman season.

Derrick Green: "I definitely plan on just going out, going hard every day on the field and off the field, and just—I have a great relationship with my position coach, Coach Jackson, and like I said, I'm just going to go there, grind my freshman year and do what I have to do to get on the field."

Question: What do you do with all the memorabilia you have now from the 48 other teams?

Derrick Green: "I don't know man, I guess I'll just sign it and give it away."

Question: Derrick, have you let the coaches know yet of your decision?

Derrick Green: "I have let Michigan know. I haven't let the other two know I wasn't coming, but I definitely let Michigan know I was coming."

Question: Derrick, I know you said you slept on this decision, and you said you made it today—have to ask though, signing on the deadline makes it official, have to ask, any chance you change your mind?

Derrick Green: "No. Like I said, every time I've been to Michigan, it felt like home and that's just the place I want to be. That's where my heart is telling me to be, God, and I sat down with my parents to talk about it and Michigan is just the place for me."

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