David Cornwell, Michigan, talk possible offer

Norman North (Okla.) junior quarterback David Cornwell is becoming one of the more sought after prospects in the country. GBW caught up with Cornwell as he discussed his talks with Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges, a possible Michigan offer, who else he plans on visiting, his top-three, and more.

Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges was at Norman, Okla., recently to check in on Norman North junior quarterback David Cornwell, who is quickly becoming one of the most sought after recruits in the Midlands region.

"We talked about my options for school," Cornwell told GoBlueWolverine. "And that Michigan was really a great place to play. He's never been at a school where he can say, ‘Hey, we have everything. We have everything that you need to offer. It's one of the best programs in the county.' And I agreed with that," Cornwell said on his talk with Borges.

"Later I called that night and I said, ‘Hey, what do I need to do for an offer?' and he said, ‘Nothing, you have done everything you needed to do that's possible. There is a coaches meeting here within the next week. Call me then and will figure out if we're going to offer.' He wants to get all the ducks in a row and he's going to offer, I think, three guys. So that's kind of where we're at."

After his talks with Borges, Cornwell says a Michigan offer is more than likely.

"Yes, very much so, it's when," Cornwell said on a possible offer. "A lot of these great schools and programs like to control it and do it on their pace. That's kind of what I realized, you don't just pick up a Michigan offer like it's nothing--when you get it, you really worked for it. …It's almost a prestigious award, and you have to treat it like that. I'm not going to rush through my decision. I just need to know who I need to choose from and where to go."

At 6-foot-5, 215-pounds, Cornwell has offers from Indiana, Auburn, Washington State, and Virginia Tech. He plans on taking unofficial visits to Tulsa on Friday and a trip to Bloomington, Ind., on Saturday for the Hoosiers basketball game versus the No. 1 ranked Michigan basketball team. The following weekend, he plans on taking a visit out to UCLA and possibly a visit to Washington State as well.

While Cornwell has no set visit to Ann Arbor, he says he's going to try get on campus next month.

Cornwell says Alabama, UCLA, and Michigan are his top-three schools at the moment. While he doesn't have offers from any from the fore mentioned programs, he says even if Michigan were to offer, he doesn't want to jump on an offer too early before he has chances to hear from all the schools interested.

"That's going to be a tough one for me," Cornwell said if Michigan were to offer and wanted a quick decision. "I'm not going to rush the process ‘cause I get an offer from any school. That's where it's going to be tough. I am planning on committing by June, which is already pretty early. That gives the other schools a chance. Alabama, I won't receive an offer until I throw for coach (Nick) Saban live at their camp. And they've made that clear. UCLA—I have to spend a weekend with them this summer when it's legal. So those are two of my top schools and I can't receive an offer until then. So… it's going to be tough and I will have to discuss that with (Michigan)."

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