Watkins Eyeing Summer UM Visit

Michigan has been hot on the trail of Dallas (TX) Bishop Dunne CB, Nick Watkins since last spring, and on national signing day the Wolverine brass made it clear that they don't plan on letting up.

A parade of coaches made its way Bishop Dunne high school leading up to signing day to check in on 2014 standout Nick Watkins.  Among those that dropped in on the four-star CB, was a duo from the University of Michigan.

“I talked to (Michigan) on the phone on signing day, and Coach Funk and Coach Hoke came by the week before and talked to my coach,” Watkins reported.  “When I called Coach Funk (after the visit) he put me on the phone with him and he was basically saying that it was great coming to the school and we need corners like you.”

One of the topics of conversation was getting Watkins up to the Great Lake State for a visit.  The son of former Detroit Lions, CB Bobby Watkins has family in the Motor City, which also happens to be his mother’s hometown.

“I should be up there (to visit family) during the summer,” he said.  “I’ll go visit Michigan then.”

That he has family in the area would seemingly make distance much less of an issue, but over time proximity to home has become less of factor for all of the schools on his list.

“Distance isn’t a factor for me,” Watkins said plainly.  “It might be for my parents, but distance doesn’t matter to me.  Weather or doesn’t matter to me either.  I’ll play in anything… it’s about the love of the game.  The same things (that were mentioned previously)… academics, depth chart, relationship with coaches are what matters.”

The talented youngster began the process of evaluating those traits in many of his suitors long ago. While he is most familiar with the Big 12 suitors on his list at the moment, he looks forward to gaining a deeper understanding of other suitors like Alabama, Michigan, and LSU. For that reason is now choosing to steer clear of naming any favorites.

“I’m just looking around enjoying the whole process,” he said.  “The way I look at is I’ve got 52 weeks to make a decision.  Everybody is coming by the school to talk to my coach…  everybody on the offer list and even some that haven’t offered.  I’m probably going to take it at least until January around my birthday, so I have plenty of time to get to know more about all of the schools.”

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