Williams Building Bond with Michigan

McDonough (GA) Eagles Landing Christian Academy DE Andrew Williams is being courted by power programs from across the country, and Michigan is among the programs in fierce pursuit. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to discuss his game, his frequent contact with the Maize & Blue, his decision timeline, and much much more.

Sam Webb: Just tell me how things went for you on the football field this past year.

Andrew Williams: “It went great.  We won a state championship this year.  I achieved all my goals and worked hard, but then again, you can always do better. I ended the football season with 18 sacks, three blocked punts, and like 10 tackles for a loss. As a team, collectively, my team played great. I think I stepped up a little bit as a leader, but all in all it was the team that got us there.”

Sam Webb: Give me your height, your weight, and your 40 time.

Andrew Williams: “I’m currently 6’4 ½ “, 243, and ran a 4.7 last year.”

Sam Webb: So break down you game.  Tell me what Andrew Williams brings to the table.

Andrew Williams: “Definitely you’re going to see pure hard work transferring to the field.  Really no one is going to outwork me. Just four quarters of nothing but pass rush, speed, dominance. You can give me one play, but you’re guaranteed the next play, I’m coming right back at you.  I love competition. If you’re the guy opposite of me talking trash and whatnot, I love that. It just fuels me. Four quarters, I’ve been trained to play for four quarters, not just part of the game.”

Sam Webb: Let’s talk about Michigan… when did you receive your scholarship offer from them?

Andrew Williams: “About two months ago.”

Sam Webb: They clearly aren’t the only program after you.  As high profile as you are already, do any of these offers shock or surprise you anymore, or are you kind of expecting it at this point?

Andrew Williams: “Every offer I’ve gotten was a shock and a blessing… every single one.  Starting from Louisiana Lafayette to Alabama, all of them were just a blessing. Michigan, I just love Michigan, so it was a blessing.”

Sam Webb: Where does that love, that familiarity with Michigan come from?

Andrew Williams: “The first time I heard about Michigan was the rivalry between them and Notre Dame. Over the years that game has always been live.  That’s one of the games that I’ve always look forward to every year.  That’s why Michigan has caught my eye.”

Sam Webb: Have you lived in the south your whole life?

Andrew Williams: “The majority of my life, but my dad’s from Delaware.”

Sam Webb: I’m curious... I always have to ask the guys from the south how they feel about weather. Have you ever seen snow before?

Andrew Williams: “Oh, yes sir.”

Sam Webb: Ok different question. You’ve seen snow, but can you handle snow?

Andrew Williams: “Oh, absolutely (Laughter). I just took a visit to Notre Dame and it was like 20 degrees.  I (also) went to the Michigan game this year, and it was cold. I made it through. I was watching football so I wasn’t really worried about it. It was just a great game.”

Sam Webb: So what coaches have you been in contact with up in Ann Arbor?

Andrew Williams: “I think I talked to every last one of them on Signing Day.”

Sam Webb: What did Coach Hoke have to say to you?

Andrew Williams: “He was fired up from Signing Day.  He just was like ‘you know what day it is right?’ I was like “signing day?’  He was like ‘no, it’s 365 days until you sign with us!’ (Laughter)  They were all just fired up.  They were really excited about my film, about recruiting me, and building a bond.”

Sam Webb: When it comes to your recruiter from Michigan, who is the primary guy?

Andrew Williams: “Coach Singletary, and Coach Montgomery.”

Sam Webb: Tell me about Coach Montgomery. Obviously, he’s the defensive line coach. What’s the vibe with him like so far?

Andrew Williams: “The vibe’s real cool. We just – like he said just like a month ago, he is going to be in contact with me every week.  He has kept up with that promise… not like some other coaches.  Every day I have a Michigan day on twitter (laughter). He’s a great guy. I love talking to him and I love that Ravens scheme that they run. He is just a great guy.”

Sam Webb: What about Singletary? What’s the vibe like with him?

Andrew Williams: “Same vibe. They all just love football, and they just want me up there.  The dedication they show… having me call them like every week, in contact, Facebook or whatnot. It’s a great vibe. “
Sam Webb: As far as criteria, let’s pretend that you’re getting ready to sit down and make a decision, whenever that is. What are going to be the big factors that play into that choice?

Andrew Williams: “Big factors are going to be the coaches, how I feel about them, and the school aspect of the university.  I’m thinking about majoring in business, so how that plays into it will be big for any school. I’m not really worried about early playing time, so that’s not really a big factor, but the team’s scheme, how they want me to play (will be).”

Sam Webb: What about distance from home? You seemed to have enjoyed your visit to Notre Dame. I assume that means distance won’t play a big role?"

Andrew Williams: “No, sir, it won't.”

Sam Webb: What about timeline? Are you going to be a guy that waits all the way until Signing Day, or are you going to get it done before your season? How’s that going to go?

Andrew Williams: “I want to get it done before the football season starts, senior year.  It just makes it easier… that’s what my teammates told me.  Definitely that’s the plan, but if not, as soon as possible.”

Sam Webb: Do you anticipate making a visit up to Michigan at some point?

Andrew Williams: “Yes, sir.”

Sam Webb: What places have you been already, other than Notre Dame?

Andrew Williams:Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Notre Dame, Georgia, Georgia Tech, and South Carolina.”

Sam Webb: With all of these big time offers, and all these visits that you’ve been on, have any of those schools started to stick out on your list yet?

Andrew Williams: “Not stick out in particular, but caught my eye a little bit, because of what I’m looking for with different scenes than I’m used to…. because growing I’d just been going to Georgia and Georgia Tech, so teams like Notre Dame, Florida with different environments really caught my eye.”

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