Carter becoming quite familiar with Michigan

The Michigan coach staff continues to throw their recruiting net throughout the country.  Lorenzo Carter, 2014 DE prospect out of Norcross high in Georgia, shows how far that net has been thrown. Carter is receiving attention from colleges everywhere. Lorenzo tells GBW about the relationship he is building with the Michigan football staff.

Basketball could have been the chosen sport that Lorenzo Carter played, considering his exploits on the hardwood -- this according to our own Chad Simmons of In fact when we  spoke with Carter he was just coming back from a game in which he had 12 points, a handful of rebounds, and a couple of dunks. This speaks to his athleticism in basketball, and just how good he really is in football.

  It is clear that with his size and speed he chose the right sport -- coming off the edge on defense he can be a nightmare for lineman and quarterbacks. This is the reason colleges are all over this 6'6 235 pound defensive end. What is important to him in this recruiting process are the visits that he will go on -- it will tell him exactly what he wants to know about coaches and colleges.

  "The best part of me having a chance to go on a college campus will be me meeting with the coaches face to face. To sit down with them and get that one on one time, to hear what they have to say to me eye to eye. That for me is very important towards building a strong relationship."

  Michigan is one of those schools he hopes to build a relationship with. Although he has not been on campus to meet the U-M coaches face to face, they have been in constant contact.

  "Michigan offered me before signing day," he said, "and I have been speaking with them almost every day.

"I have been talking withCoach Jeff Hecklinski, and he is a good guy who is real cool; coach was just talking to me about basketball. When they offered me it meant so much to me. I couldn't help but be interested in Michigan."

  Michigan's football staff is making it a point to let Carter know he is a priority by phone calls and the attention they are showing him.

  "With the attention they are showing me I feel very high one there board. I recently talked with Coach Hecklinski and next thing I know Coach Mattison was on the phone talking with me about how he likes my film and what a force I am coming off the edge. I will be calling him more real soon."

  Considering all the attention Lorenzo is getting from the 27 offers he has received from colleges throughout the land, he tries to keep things normal. His family helps him stay grounded with advice.

  "Recruiting is not too stressful. Actually it is going much smoother than I thought, and that is because of my family. My parents stay involved to help me with the process. They told me to just stay humble and be myself. With college it is important to them that I receive my degree."

  When Carter begins looking closer at colleges he has a degree that he wants to pursue as well as a few items that he wants colleges to have to catch his eye.

  "The colleges I will be looking at should have engineering, because that is what I want my major to be. I want to be around a family type atmosphere, and playing time and depth chart are all important to me."


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