Speight a Recruiting Machine for UM

Last week Michael Ferns unveiled his Project 135 campaign, geared toward helping Michigan assemble an elite class. Fellow commit Wilton Speight is doing his part to assist the effort by reaching out to some of the nation's top prospects. A number of blue chip WRs, RBs, and OLs have all been receptive to his overtures, and he believes one is on the verge of joining the fold.

Sam Webb: When did you start contacting other recruits? Was it the day you committed? Did you start calling guys that day? When did you start getting in touch with other recruits?

Wilton Speight: "Yeah, that Wednesday when I committed I just tried to get a list together of the big top targets, and the first guy I started to work on was that night was Drake Harris, just because I knew that he had kind of softened his commitment to Michigan State, and he's one of the best receivers, and I need a couple of those guys to be throwing routes to, so I started working on him pretty early. And then Coach Hoke, I talked to him on the phone, and Coach Borges, they gave me a couple names, and I got some other guys and numbers and stuff to contact them. So Michael and I have pretty much been doing that every day since, so it's been a lot of fun just getting to know these guys, and giving them the pros about Michigan, and trying to get a commit."

Sam Webb: When you contacted Drake, be it Twitter or text, or – how receptive was he? How did that kind of go, or how is it going?

Wilton Speight: "It's going really well. He's a really really good guy. It started off on Twitter, but then he direct messaged me his number, so we started texting a lot. We've pretty much talked every day for the past week. He's really high on Michigan. We've convinced him, he's coming this weekend on the 23rd, a day early with me and Michael on Saturday, just to meet the coaching staff for a little bit longer, and he'll be there Sunday for the game. But it's been going really well. He's really really liking Michigan more and more, and I think the fact that Michael and I are working on him really hard is helping a lot."

Sam Webb: Who are some of the other guys off the top of your head that maybe you reached out to and have been kind of receptive?

Wilton Speight: "Mason Cole, down in Florida. Juju Smith, he and I talk a lot. He really likes Michigan on the education side because he wants to do some stuff with medicine in his studies. Adorree Jackson. Joe Mixon -- he's getting offers from literally everyone this week, but he still has Michigan in his top three, which is good. He and I have been texting a lot. I've been trying to get in touch with Jabrill Peppers, but he seems kind of hard to get a hold of, and for some reason he thinks that Coach Hoke is going to the NFL, but I think that was set straight and he doesn't think that any more."

Sam Webb: Where did that come from? Have you talked to him at all about that?

Wilton Speight: "No, I literally haven't been able to get in touch with him, but there's been rumors that it started coming from Ohio State."

Sam Webb: Michael Ferns said that he really feels like Michigan is in outstanding shape with Mason Cole. What kind of feel have you gotten from Mason from your contact with him?

Wilton Speight: "I know he really really likes Michigan, and I think, in my opinion, he's the next one to join Team 135. Hopefully he'll commit on the 23rd or 24th, just in front of those other guys, to kind of display the hype that's around committing to Michigan. Maybe they'll get the ball rolling for the other recruits there, but I do feel really good about him, and I know he has two teammates that Michigan is looking at. I don't know one of them, but the other one is Artavis Scott. I've been texting with him a little bit, and he doesn't have a top choice now, but I know that Mason and Artavis do want to play on the same team in college, so I think it's kind of a shoo-in if Mason commits that they'll land Artavis as well. "

Sam Webb: So you mentioned a couple of California guys, Adorree Jackson, and Juju Smith. Adorree really seems to have Michigan high on his list as well. Did you guys know each other already?

Wilton Speight: "No, we didn't. We've gotten to know each other maybe a little bit through like Twitter and stuff, before I committed, but we've gotten a lot closer since the commitment. He doesn't want to make a decision right now, but he says he does see himself making a decision in the future, in the near future. He just says he wants to get on campus and visit with the coaches a little bit, and maybe get a little bit more attention from the coaching staff, and he said he could definitely see himself at Michigan."

Sam Webb: Juju Smith… is he showing any real interest in the Wolverines in your eyes?

Wilton Speight: "Yeah, he texted me that Michigan is in his top five, and since he wants to study medicine, and that's such a strong suit at Michigan. He's very interested. I don't think he's been on campus yet either, and the coaches said they don't accept commitments until the prospect has been on campus, so we'll see about that. But I do feel really good about Adorree as well."

Sam Webb: Obviously quarterbacks and receivers, and quarterbacks and linemen… guys at those positions really connect. So it's no coincidence that you can kind of connect with Mason and with Drake. Any other guys at those two positions that either you have heard from, or you feel like you're going to reach out to soon?

Wilton Speight: "I think we're taking three or four receivers, besides Artavis and Drake, and those guys, I haven't tried to reach out to many other receivers yet. After this weekend, I'm sure I will. But one running back – or two, like I already said, Joe Mixon, and Elijah Hood, the five star from up there, and he will be up there this coming weekend, so I'm going to work on him really hard in person, and try to convince him that Michigan is the place to be. So we'll see what happens."

Sam Webb: Let's talk about you and your game real quick, because I know how it works. As people find out about you, you're going to have All-Star games calling you. Have you heard from anyone about participating in any All American game, or maybe the Elite Eleven?

Wilton Speight: "Yeah, all those. The NFTC for ESPN, that's like over my spring break when I'll be out training with Steve Clarkson in March, so I got invited to that. Steve Clarkson was told that if I do what I need to do that that camp, the Elite Eleven and The Opening will just kind of happen. As far as the Under Armour All American game, I'm doing that instead of the US Army All American game. So I've been hearing from a lot of these things… rankings people and all that, but I haven't been to any of the camps to get seen, besides just the college camps I've been interested in. So I fully expect the rankings and all that, not that they matter too much, but to be boosted in near future."

Sam Webb: So you've already agreed to play in the Under Armor game?

Wilton Speight: "No, I haven't. There's been no official invite yet, but when I get the invite I will agree to it."

Editors Note: Early Tuesday afternoon Wilton reported via twitter that he was officially extended an invite to the Under All American game and promptly accepted it.

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