UM a "Top School" For Cass Tech'ers (w/video)

GoBlueWolverine recently made it out to Detroit Cass Tech (Mich.) high school to sit down with 2015 DL Joshua Alabi and 2015 RB Mike Weber. The duo, already holding offers from Michigan, talk the Wolverines, recruiting, and visits. ** with video interview**

Alabi Taking His Time

As a 6-5, 240 pound defensive end in high school, not many players fall into the same size window. For sophomore Joshua Alabi out of Detroit Cass Tech (Mich.) high school, playing with and against division one talent daily, his game is more advanced than most.

"It was a great experience because Dave (Dawson), (Kenton) Gibbs, Aaron Sumner -- all of them are great linemen and everyday in practice we competed," Alabi told GoBlueWolverine. "Everyday it was a competition and fun practice."

Contributing to Cass Tech's second straight state title, and after performing well on the combine circuit, Alabi landed a Michigan offer, his first offer, January 22nd.

"It was awesome because I wasn't expecting that," said Alabi. "My coach kept telling me big things were going to be coming for you."

Asked about Michigan and where they stand early on in his recruitment, even after picking up his second offer from Michigan State, Alabi gave the Wolverines high praise.

"Michigan will be my top school," said Alabi. "Michigan is a great school, they have good academic success, and a good football program. Who wouldn't want to go there?"

Alabi is also hearing from Ohio State and Notre Dame, and hopes to hear from the Florida Gators in the near future, a school he's loved for sometime.

"I really love Florida so if I heard from them I'd be proud of myself," said Alabi. "As a kid I used to go to Florida and I don't know," said Alabi. "I saw a lot of gators and came back up to Michigan and started watching them all the time."

Despite the obvious connections to Michigan, Alabi plans to wait out the recruiting process until senior year, and says having former teammates in Ann Arbor won't factor in to his eventual choice.

"I'm just going to go where I feel comfortable," said Alabi. "People can't really influence me to go nowhere cause I'm going to go where I choose."

Weber Liking Michigan

Enjoying one of the most productive postseasons a running back has ever had in the state of Michigan, 2015 Detroit Cass Tech (Mich.) power back Mike Weber's sophomore season didn't begin the way he envisioned, but most certainly ended in outstanding fashion, leading the Technicians to their second straight state championship.

"I started off with an injury so it kind of slowed me down," Weber said. "Once I came back from the injury, I knew what I had to do and just play and have fun."

With his breakout sophomore campaign, offers began being handed out and Michigan didn't wait long to entrench themselves in the mix of Weber's recruitment.

"It was a good experience to get that Michigan offer and it kind of opened my eyes to Michigan," said Weber. "I liked Michigan growing up and to get that offer was a big thing. My dad was proud, I was proud of myself, and it was a good experience.

Michigan will be one of my top schools to choose from. Michigan is going to be that top school."

Already planting the idea of a future in Ann Arbor inside the head of Weber is teammate and newly signed Wolverine offensive lineman David Dawson.

"We have lunch hour so he's in my head everyday," said Weber. "He's saying like he's a big reason I had a lot of yards and if I want to do it again to come to Michigan and run behind him. He's in my ear a lot and Delano too.

If I was to go to Michigan, they'd be a big part of why I went. ‘Cause I know I'd have people there that I know."

Gaining more familiarity with what Michigan has to offer, Weber recently took a trip up to Ann Arbor for the Wolverines basketball game against Penn State Sunday afternoon.

"It was real nice," said Weber. "I enjoyed myself, the atmosphere, and to watch a good basketball game. I enjoyed myself.

The coaches are really enthusiastic -- I like that. It had that type of feeling like -- you're at home. They had a home feeling to them. I can't explain it but it was nice to meet the coaches and see where their heads were at with me."

Weber plans to be back at Michigan for an unofficial visit on March 3rd when Michigan State heads to Crisler Center.

To watch the full video interview with Alabi and Weber, press play below.

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