Embry's Stock on the Rise (with Video)

After a strong performance at the Best of the Midwest Combine in Indianapolis Monday, Detroit King CB/WR, Jalen Embry spoke with GoBlueWolverine about the growth in his game, his feeling on Michigan, his leaderboard, his decision timeline, and more.

Sam Webb: First of all, talk about your performance out here today.

Jalen Embry: “My performance was very good today, you know, I came out here ready to work, ready to play heard, put it in my head that nobody’s better than me out here, and got that in my head, and I got cooked first play, and I’m like ‘come on now, I have to bounce back’, so everything started going well for me on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.”

Sam Webb: That’s one thing that I’ve noticed in the events I’ve seen you in. You work out on both sides of the ball. You do your thing at receiver; you do your thing at DB. What’s it going to be for you? Do you have a preference, a side of the ball you like more than the other?

Jalen Embry: “Honestly, to me, football is football. If I had a chance to play both sides of the ball in college, I would, but right now I’m getting recruited as a DB at most of the schools.”

Sam Webb: Talk to me about your progression as a defensive back. One of the things that seems to define your game is being physical out there, and we saw you ride a few guys into the net. Is that kind of a staple of your game?

Jalen Embry: “Honestly, it is. I love playing man, press man. I know if I get that first hand on them, everything is going to go bad for that receiver, but honestly, to me, I feel like I have to get better playing off-man, I mean, I was working on that today, doing pretty good. I feel like I need to work a little bit more. My progression is honestly, you know, just getting in the receiver’s head. I play receiver, I know their first step, so I have an advantage on that.”

Sam Webb: Talk to me about the schools that are on you the hardest right now. I know you’re hearing from a ton of schools, but who’s on you the hardest right now?

Jalen Embry: “The hardest probably would have to be Ohio State and Toledo, you know, mostly a lot of MAC schools, but the Big Ten schools that are hard on me also are Michigan State, Indiana, and Iowa.”

Sam Webb: Talk to me first about Michigan State. What is Michigan State saying to you?

Jalen Embry: “Michigan State, they want me to – I visit them Tuesday (February 19th) going to the basketball game. Michigan coach liked my physicality too, also. He wanted me to play a little bit of off-man, so I have to work on that still, and hopefully if I get that offer, I might commit.”

Sam Webb: What Michigan coach have you been talking to, and what’s that interaction been like?

Jalen Embry: “I’ve been talking to Coach Mattison, and Coach Singletary, and that’s about it.”

Sam Webb: Have they talked to you about getting you up on campus yet?

Jalen Embry: “Yes, they want me to come up there in June – first week of June, and participate in football camp, and Coach Mattison’s talking about pulling the trigger if I do good, so hopefully I have to –“

Sam Webb: I saw a smile come to your face when you said that. Is that something that you’re kind of – what would that mean, if that happens at that time? What would that mean to you and your recruitment?

Jalen Embry: “Actually, it would be great, for me and my family. My cousin, Chuck Winters and Chris Singletary both played for Michigan, and they’re on my head, like ‘if you get that offer, you have to commit. I’m going to disown you if you don’t’, you know, so I think it would be good. I wouldn’t consider myself turning that down, but an offer is an offer. I’m interested in whoever is interested in me. “

Sam Webb: I know one of the things that you said to me, though, is ‘the U’ (i.e. Miami)… that’s your dream school. So let’s say that that offer from Michigan or Michigan State, if those come in the next few months, next few weeks… and  you don’t have that offer from the U yet.. do you make a decision at that time, or are you trying to wait?

Jalen Embry: “Actually, I would wait, because Miami they have a good criminal justice major there, they have a good philosophy building and everything like that, because you know, to go to college, I’m going there to be a student first, so whoever’s academics is very great, I’m going to consider that, looking into that first, because I’m a student before I’m an athlete.”

Sam Webb: So you would wait for the U? So let’s say the U offers you tomorrow? Do you still wait? Do you wait on Michigan State? Do you wait on Michigan? Or do you just jump at the U?

Jalen Embry: “I’m going to jump on it.”

Sam Webb: So it’s fair to say that Miami is your favorite?

Jalen Embry: “Yes sir, it is. A lot. “

Sam Webb: Are they showing much interest in you yet?

Jalen Embry: “No, they started though. They just started a couple weeks ago, talking to my coaches and everything, talking good about me, so hopefully I can get down there and visit, and everything will go well from there.”

Sam Webb: What about Chuck Winters? (Laughter) What is he going to say if you do that?

Jalen Embry: “I’m getting an education, that’s all – I mean, he can’t say anything. Nothing is wrong with that, you know? Education first, I’ll just tell him that.”

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