Smith to Give UM Serious Look (with Video)

Cleveland Glenville DB, Erick Smith was among the standouts at the Best of the Midwest Combine in Indianapolis earlier this week. After his impressive performance he chatted with GoBlueWolverine about his recruitment, childhood favorite Ohio State, his interest in Michigan, his relationship with the former Glenville stars in Ann Arbor, and more.

Sam Webb: First of all, for people who haven’t seen you play, talk about your game.

Erick Smith: “I feel like I’m an all-around player. I don’t have one specific type of game. I have a nose for the ball, and I’ll go down and hit anybody, that’s just how I play.”

Sam Webb: Talk to me about how you feel you did out here today. I know it’s no pads, so it’s not like you can hit people, but you can still be physical… which we saw you do.

Erick Smith: “I did ok. I’m never satisfied unless I lock everybody down, but I did decent.”

Sam Webb: What do you think you could have done better?

Erick Smith: “Keep my hands up, technique. I can always work on my technique.”

Sam Webb: You obviously have a guy on the other side of you who can lock things down too. With you guys are out there, is it that  teams just try to run at you all the time? Does anyone try to throw on you guys?

Erick Smith: “Not really. This year, we aren’t allowing anything.”

Sam Webb: Talk to me about recruiting. I know you’re a very heavily recruited guy. Off the top of your head, what schools do you have scholarship offers from?

Erick Smith:Ohio State, Michigan, Tennessee, Louisville, Cincinnati, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State, Penn State, Georgia Tech. I think that’s it.”

Sam Webb:  So everyone.  Alright, I ask this from every guy in Ohio… did you grow up a Buckeye fan? Were you a scarlet and grey guy growing up?

Erick Smith: “Yeah, I did, I did.”

Sam Webb: When Ohio State offered you a scholarship were you tempted to jump right on it? What made you not accept that offer yet?

Erick Smith: “It wasn’t that I didn’t accept, I just sat back and let it happen. I’m not really trying to rush anything, so I just let it roll in.”

Sam Webb: Talk to me about your favorite. Is Ohio State your favorite right now? At the top of your list?

Erick Smith: “I really don’t have a favorite. Once I go on more visits I’ll be able to really tell you.”

Sam Webb: Tell me what you like about Ohio State. I know it’s a team you grew up liking, but with new coaching staff there what do you know and what do you like about the Buckeyes?

Erick Smith:Urban Meyer. I’ve been on a few visits, and he’s a real cool dude, and the atmosphere at O-State is crazy.”

Sam Webb: You have a Glennville guy up at Michigan in Frank Clark. What about Michigan? What has your interaction been like with them?

Erick Smith: “I have not been on any visits, so I can’t really tell you, but once I get down to visit I’ll be able to tell you, but I’ve been talking to Willie Henry, that’s my dude.”

Sam Webb: I forgot to mention Willie… so what has Willie told you about Michigan?

Erick Smith: “That I need to get down there (laughter). Like, I need to get down there, for real.”

Sam Webb: Do you have any concrete plans of making it up on a visit?

Erick Smith: “When I have some free time, I’ll be able to go on a visit, but as of now, I don’t really know.”

Sam Webb: What coach at Michigan, off the top of your head, have you been talking to?

Erick Smith: “I called Coach Hoke.”

Sam Webb: On signing day?

Erick Smith: “Yeah, yeah, on signing day.”

Sam Webb: So what did he say to you about how you might fit into that plan?

Erick Smith: “Just telling me around that time I’ll be making the decision of my life, and he really wants to me a Wolverine, and it just felt good talking to him.”

Sam Webb: As a guy that grew up a Buckeye fan, is that hard for you to consider Michigan? If you grew up liking Ohio State, can you really get yourself to consider Michigan?

Erick Smith: “Yeah, of course. I mean, it doesn’t really make a difference to me. I like both schools. It doesn’t really matter to me.”

Sam Webb: Look down the line for me. When you get ready to make your decision, what are going to be the big factors in that choice?

Erick Smith: “The people that make the school. The staff, just the people around the school. I don’t want to surround myself with people I can’t really get along with.”

Sam Webb: You mentioned before that you’re not in any rush, so do you have like a time frame for when you want to make a decision? Is it going to be after your senior season, close to signing day, what about that?

Erick Smith: “After my senior season I’ll be able to make my decision. Yeah, after senior season.”

Sam Webb: Are you and Marshon trying to go to the same school?

Erick Smith: “We talk about it. We don’t know where, though, but we’ve been talking about it all the time.”

Sam Webb: What has Coach Ginn said to you about recruiting in general?

Erick Smith: “He just wants me to wait. Like don’t – like what I said, don’t rush anything. He just wants me to wait.”

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