C Brechting one to Watch in 2015 (with Video)

Cedar Springs (MI) C, Brad Brechting was one of the young standouts at Michigan's elite camp last summer, and he has carried that strong play over to the high school hardwood during his sophomore campaign. The 6-10, 200-pounder has been one of the consistent bright spots on a team in the midst of a rebuilding year.

Cedar Springs (MI) C, Brad Brechting was a force in his squad’s 70-50 victory over Greenville last week.  His 12 point, 16 rebound, four block effort was just the latest example of his maturing all-around game.

“We came out strong in the first half, they started going on a big run on us, (but) we finally buckled down and ended the game,” Brechting said afterward. “We’re a pretty young team still. We’ve got to get used to playing time and playing with each other. We had a new kid from Kent City we had to put in. We’ve just been doing good lately. That was our first good game starting off from a losing streak we just had. We’re doing good now.”

Brechting is one of the big reasons for that success.  First year Cedar Springs coach Jeff Patin believes his young big man is just scratching the surface of what he could ultimately be.

“For a big guy, he can run the floor,” Patin said.  “A couple nice times he ran out. We try to get him to run out more. This is the first time we really got some fruit out of that. He’s usually pretty strong in the post. He struggled a little in the first half. Second half, he started establishing position. He made some good passes out of there too.”

“He can get stronger. I think even though he made some nice passes, there are some passes he can still make yet. He’s not seeing yet. Once he starts seeing that, it just makes him more difficult to guard inside. If we can shoot the ball like this, now you’ve got to guard us out there too. It just opens things up more for him. And he’ll start seeing that opening.”

With over two years of high school left, there is plenty of time for improvement.  The Michigan coaching staff clearly noticed that potential when they had him in camp last June.

“They like the way he runs the floor,” Patin stated.  “When you see a guy 6-10, 6-11, who’s still growing and can run the floor, that says a lot about a person as an athlete.”

For Brechting, the camp proved to be a memorable introduction to the Maize & Blue.

“Amazing,” he said, describing his time in Ann Arbor.  “That was so much fun! I got to meet some of the Michigan players. I got to meet the freshmen.”

The entire experience was an eye-opener for an admitted lifelong Spartan fan and grandson of a former Michigan State professor.  That Michigan coaches found out about that affinity for its arch-rival during an unforgettable exchange.

“They asked me what color Kool-Aid I drink, the green or the blue,” Brechting recalled. “I told them the green. I thought I was going to get kicked out!”

But he wasn’t.  As a matter of fact he was welcomed back months later for an unofficial visit.

“I went to their CMU game,” said Brechting referring to the Woverines’ 88-73 victory over the Chippewas on December 29th.  “That was amazing.”

While the blood that courses through Brechting’s veins is still undoubtedly green, he is clearly looking upon Michigan in a more favorable light these days.

“I love the campus,” he said.  “I’m still on the fence on where to go. I’m not sure.”

The rising sophomore doesn’t have any scholarship offers at the moment, but in addition to Michigan he is also fielding interest from Michigan State, Central Michigan, UC Davis, Detroit, and Chicago.
That list will have plenty of time to expand since Brechting isn’t in any rush to make a decision.

“(A commitment will come) probably at the end of my junior year,” he said.

To view the video interview Brechting, including highlights of his 12 point, 16 rebound performance, press play below.

Video interview and highlights by Roscoe Hill

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