Lee's Game Turning Heads (with Video)

Indianapolis Lawrence Central LB, Brandon Lee was among the standouts at the Best of the Midwest combine earlier this week. The three-star prospect took time out after his strong showing to reflect upon his performance and discuss his game, his recruitment, his thoughts on Michigan, and more.

Sam Webb: “You said all along, it wasn’t about the testing, it was about the one-on-ones, right?

Brandon Lee: “Yes sir, that’s actual football to me. I mean this testing stuff is good for the reporters and everything. But the one-on-ones I feel is where I stood out and got to showcase my talent.”

Sam Webb: “What do you feel you did well in the one-on-ones? Blocking, the pass rushing drills, the coverage drills, what did you do best in?

Brandon Lee: “I feel like I did good in both of them.  I mean the one-on-ones with the pass rush, I went 5-0 in that, nobody got to block me. On the coverage and everything, I feel I did pretty good with that too. I mean, I didn’t get any interceptions or anything. I mean, you got to defend yourself out here not trying to get hurt with all these polls and stuff.”

Sam Webb: “When you look at your game and the progress you made from last year to now, where have you improved the most? What are the aspects of your game you feel you really stepped up in?

Brandon Lee: “I feel I am more comfortable as a player now. I feel like my sophomore year I was more tensed up and worried about doing wrong and pressing my coaches and this and that. And then finally they told me to just relax. And this season I feel like we came together as a team, and I did better as an individual and we ended up winning states.”

Sam Webb: “Let’s talk about physically you look about 6-foot-3, 215-pounds, where are you at?

Brandon Lee: “6-foot-3, 210-pounds.”

Sam Webb: “Where do you want to be physically? Every guy is talking about wanting to add weight, where are you trying to get to?

Brandon Lee: “I’m trying to be a solid 210-pounds, like my weight goes in between 205 and 210-pounds, and it usually 210. But I feel like 215-pounds going into my senior year will be good for me.”

Sam Webb: “Recruiting wise, I know a lot of coaches have made it through to check you out. Who would you say is on you the hardest right now?  What schools are pursuing you the most vigorously?

Brandon Lee: “I mean a lot of schools have been really on me.  I really can’t choose. It’s a lot of them that’s been showing a lot of interest. I mean that has offered me and hasn’t. but I (will) actually get into all of that this summer when I go on visits and more like that.”

Sam Webb: “We’ve talked a lot about Michigan. I know they have been through the school and I know you’ve been up on a visit. What is your view of Michigan at this point?

Brandon Lee: “When I went on my visit last summer, I fell in love with the campus and everything. But the thing that stood out to me, everybody has good facilities and things, but academic center for them stood out a lot for me. And I feel the way they take care of their players with academics it prepares you for life. It helps you get your degree and it will set you up for life.”

 Sam Webb: “So do you have any plans on making your way back up to Ann Arbor anytime soon? When did you speak to them most recently?

Brandon Lee: “I spoke with them the week of signing day. I spoke with coach (Curt) Mallory the week before last. But they evaluated my film as a staff. Now, they just want to get me back up there to workout with (defensive coordinator Greg) Mattison and coach (Mark) Smith and that will settle the deal.”

Sam Webb: “Now, does that mean you’re going to camp at Michigan this summer?

Brandon Lee: “I’m not sure if it will actually be like going to sign up for the camp and everything, but I’m sure I will go up there and workout for the coaches.”

Sam Webb: “So now as far as your timeline, I know you said you’re going to be very patient with your recruitment. Does that mean that you’re going to wait closer to your senior season or are you going to wait after? How do you want it to go?

Brandon Lee: “I am going to graduate early. I am going to graduate in December next year or January, whatever you say. But I am just letting it flow right now. But if things pick up a lot this summer , I mean I’ll probably make my decision before or after my season.”

Sam Webb: “You’ve talked to a lot of coaches, you’ve seen some campuses… now that you have a better grasp of what goes into recruiting, what are going to be the factors in your choice?

Brandon Lee: “The academics part. The academics mainly and just if it feels like home. I mean the school and everything is just accessories to it and to me making my decision. Just academics and if it feels like a place where I can fit in. If they feel like my family.”

Sam Webb: “Have you started the process of assessing the academics at all of these schools yet? Or is that something you still haven’t spent a lot of time on at this point?

Brandon Lee: “I talk with the coaches about it some. But I haven’t had a chance to talk with the academic advisors or anything really. I plan on going in to major in the medical field to become an orthopedic surgeon. So that is my plan. I mean, I need to speak with the academic advisors about it.”

Sam Webb: “Last one for you, next few weeks, next few months are you going to be hitting the road and taking any visits? Or is that going to wait until the summer?

Brandon Lee: “I’m going to hit the road pretty soon. Especially, when spring bal starts. I plan on this weekend coming up going to Louisville. Coming up for spring practices and things, I will be in Michigan State, Northwestern for sure, and I’ll also be in Illinois sometime this spring.”

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